A Flint man was arrested after Kilgore police said he inappropriately touched a woman while giving her a manicure.

Qui Ngoc Nguyen (aka “Kevin”), 49, was charged with two counts of indecent assault. He was released Friday from the Gregg County Jail on bonds totaling $20,000, jail records show.

The Kilgore Police Department said they received a complaint Sunday that an employee of Luxury Nail and Spa had touched the complainant inappropriately while performing her manicure. The complaint started an investigation with the full cooperation and assistance of the Luxury Nail and Spa management, resulting in Nguyen being arrested and fired from his position at Luxury Nail and Spa, police said.

Nguyen is a registered sex offender in Texas and has been employed by Luxury Nail and Spa for over two years, police said.

Investigators have been contacted by an another victim who alleged Nguyen recently touched her in an offensive manner during her manicure as well, police said.

Kilgore police said they are concerned there may be more victims who have not contacted the authorities, and they encourage anyone who has had a similar encounter with Nguyen to contact their department.

KPD also released a statement from Luxury Nails and Spa apologizing to the victims.

“We were appalled at what had transpired in our business and once we had found out, the employee was immediately terminated,” the statement said. “We have been working and cooperating with our distinguished local law enforcement, Kilgore Police, to apprehend this employee to keep the community safe from further harm and violations of the law that was meant to protect us. From here on out, the management of Luxury Nail and Spa will do deeper background checks on all current and future employees and improve in store monitoring of our clients during services to ensure the safety of everyone.”

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