KMS Ascend Math Award 1

Kilgore Middle School math teachers Marissa Coop (left) and Delina Chitwood receive the Gold Medal Award from Ascend Education representative Marjorie Briley at Monday night’s board meeting. KMS uses Ascend Math as a resource for students with gaps in their math comprehension and the campus significantly improved its STAAR passing rate with this method.

Kilgore Middle School math teachers received an award from Ascend Education, an online resource for educational training and instruction, at Monday’s board meeting.

The Gold Medal Award was presented by Ascend representatives Betsy Sapienza and Marjorie Briley to KMS math teachers Marissa Coop and Delina Chitwood.

“A few years ago, Kilgore Middle School joined a partnership with Ascend Math, our intervention program for our students who have some gaps in the area of math,” said KMS Principal April Cox.

Cox entered a submission on KMS students’ improved math performance and recently got a call to inform her the campus would be receiving an award.

“We have been working with Kilgore Middle School for the past three years and we are delighted with this partnership and the results that they have received. Kilgore Middle School STAAR passing rates from 2018 increased from a 74 percent to a 78 percent this year. That is a great, significant gain and we’re so proud of that,” Briley said.

A press release on the award for KMS said teachers were honored for using Ascend’s educational tools to improve student performance on annual STAAR tests.

“The strategies employed by this year’s Gold Medal honorees made use of Ascend Math, an online individualized math instructional resource, to accelerate math learning and improve standardized test scores,” the release said.

“Kilgore Middle School uses Ascend Math as a Tier 2 Intervention, in which students are placed into Ascend through the RTI (Response to Intervention) process. Their goal is to help each student grow at least one grade level. Educators at Kilgore are happy to report that 74% of 8th grade students that used Ascend Math with fidelity grew one or more years according to the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR). Of all Ascend Math 7th and 8th grade students, 24% passed STAAR for the first time ever.”

KMS uses Ascend Math with students who did not pass STAAR math assessments in their previous school year.

55 percent of Kilgore seventh grade students grew one grade level in their STAAR math performance over last year and 74 percent of eighth-graders did the same.

48 percent of seventh-graders who did not pass the math STAAR last year passed this year and 53 percent of eighth-graders passed.

11 percent of seventh-graders passed the STAAR for the first time ever and 37 percent of eighth-graders passed for the first time.

Combined, 81 percent seventh and eighth grade students passed the STAAR, a rate above the state average.


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