The City of Kilgore is implementing stage 3 water restrictions as they run out of water because of increased usage.

The city said it believes some of the increased usage is from pipes bursting.

"Normal winter usage is 800 gallons per minute in Kilgore, we are currently at 2,500 gallons per minute (highest usage ever), and we can only produce water at 1,300 gallons per minute. In other words, we're running out of water and we need your help, the city said in a notice.

What residents can do:

1. If you find a burst pipe, call (903) 984-5081 to request a disconnect. If you don't get an answer there, please call (903) 983-1559, which is the non-emergency PD line.

2. If you are not home or at the business that you own, have someone local go check for leaks or burst pipes.

3. Use water only when necessary — avoid baths, long showers, laundry and other high water uses.

4. Slow your drip! If you have your faucets running full on, please slow them down to a drip.

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