What is taking place on the US/Mexico border is proof that policies of the far Left or the far Right are not viable options for today's problems. More and more Americans are discovering that solutions are to be found somewhere in between, which means that both extremes must give up something. In fact, it is untrue that all Democrats or anyone who opposes a “wall on our border support “open borders where anyone can come and go at will. However, there must be a workable method for granting asylum to those who are fleeing oppression. The problem is that, by definition, such a person must first be on American soil before asking for and being granted asylum and our nation has been built by many who came to our country seeking asylum themselves. Furthermore, it is disgraceful to characterize all those seeking asylum as criminals, even though some of them might very well be. Once again, the truth lies somewhere in the middle. As for the “wall... paid for by Mexico as promised by Trump, I urge everyone to go visit Big Bend National Park and try to visualize such a wall running along the Rio Grande there. You will be sickened and appalled. A viable solution is out there and it does not include a wall.

Bill E. Hedrick

Kilgore, TX

Kilgore News Herald


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