Educator of the Year - Tracy Drury

KMS sixth grade science teacher Tracy Drury thanks the Chamber of Commerce for naming her Educator of the Year at the STAR Gala event Monday night.

A teacher is more than simply someone who instructs students in math, science or literature. A great teacher helps students get through tough days, develop their character and become thinking adults.

Tracy Drury does all that and more.

The sixth grade Kilgore Middle School science teacher was recognized as the Educator of the Year at the Chamber of Commerce's STAR Gala Monday. In earning the award, Drury was commended for contributing to the community through excellence in teaching.

“I think that education is a huge part of economic development, said Jill McCartney, Chamber president. “It cannot be left out. The educators are really unsung heroes in our children's lives and we need to focus on providing them with recognition, with the tools that they need to educate the future leaders because, believe it or not, these guys are going to come back and take care of us.

McCartney explained the nominees for Educator of the Year needed to exemplify a commitment to students, teaching and the teaching profession before playing a video in which Drury's students and co-workers described her excellence in teaching.

“She has a servant's heart, willing to help students and other teachers with any task that they need to do, said April Cox, KMS Principal.

“I'm very proud to be a member of Kilgore and the community and I've been teaching here for 24 years and I think they're stuck with me at Kilgore ISD, Drury said.

This is not the first award Drury has received this year. In May, she was named the KMS Teacher of the Year and represented the school as a finalist at the Region 7 Teacher of the Year awards.

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