Young leaders on the rise


They make us proud. Our youth strive to succeed whether school is in session or not and in East Texas the names are surfacing of those who have spent their summer making sure they have a strong foothold on their future goals and careers.

It started early for 11-year-old Jacob Hachtel who was nominated by his teacher to attend the Junior National Young Leaders Conference, an Envision program held in Washington, D.C. He was chosen for his scholastic merit, maturity and strength of character needed to represent Northside Elementary School in Henderson.

The six day conference serves as a living classroom for students as they develop important leadership skills while also exploring monuments and memorials around the nation’s capital.

Jacob left for Washington D.C. on July 8 and will return home today, July 14.

His parents are Monica Burkett Hachtel, a director of the Henderson High School drill team, Chris Hachtel, a director at Rader Funeral Home of Kilgore. He has one younger brother, Maddox and they attend Christ the King Catholic Church in Kilgore.

“We were very nervous about it, but the opportunity was so good,” said Chris. “We knew they were both smart, but they are just all-around boys. They like baseball and hunting and just boy stuff and it was very hard to send off an eleven-year-old. We searched everything we could find to make sure he would be safe and even Jacob was doubtful at first but he finally told us he wanted to go. He is now with 150 other kids from all over the nation and having the time of his life!”

“Monica was able to fit the trip in her schedule, so they flew out together,” continued Chris. “She is in the same town for emergency purposes only as are other parents, but the kids are at the conference center and other places on their own as a group and with the instructors. If she couldn’t have gone, neither would he,” laughed Chris. “It was very hard to do.”

The JrNYLC was held at the College Park Marriott Hotel & Conference Center. Upon return, Jacob will have seen the National Museum of American History, the Lincoln, Vietnam Veterans and Korean War Veterans Memorials and will have been a special guest at the Harpers Ferry National Historical Park where he studied John Brown’s 1859 raid and discussed the choices and consequences of leadership. On Thursday evening, Jacob and the students spent the night at the Maryland Science Center.

“So far, the Smithsonian has been his favorite of all things he has seen, but, he is having a grand time,” said his proud father. “He has called me frequently to fill me in. Jacob’s birthday was Wednesday, July 11 and he turned 12 years old. Monica had told the instructors and ordered a huge cookie cake. The instructors and students had a birthday party for him. It will be a birthday he will remember. This has been such a fantastic opportunity for him.”

His brother, Maddox, attended basketball camp and kept their father calm this week. Maddox won two awards at camp.

“Now, if Maddox gets an opportunity like this, we will make sure he gets to go,” said Chris. “In the meantime, our boys are just boys and we will get back to the hunting and fishing.”

“WOMEN OF KILGORE young and old let’s meet, let’s learn, let’s share, let’s worship and let’s eat,” declares Carroll Bolton, president of the Kilgore Church Women. “We only meet four times a year and Friday, July 27th is the day! This is for all women from all denominations, so please come. It is a covered dish luncheon but working women are not expected to bring anything. We want you to come and enjoy your lunch. In the past, we have had up to 150 participants. Help us build it up to that many again.” St. Paul’s Episcopal Church will host the event at 11 a.m. with entertainment by Tom Connor.

IT WILL BE a fun time at Arabella of Kilgore this Saturday as they host their first fashion show. Residents and staff will be modeling fabulous unique fashions from MLS Boutique. Families and friends are encouraged to come for an afternoon of fun. The show begins at 1:30

THE HEDRICK FAMILY REUNION took place last Saturday, but, so far

no one has heard a word. Uh, oh, that is not good.

MAY HIS LOVE AND LAUGHTER fill your hearts and your homes throughout the week. In the meantime, we may be reached at or 903-984-2593.


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