Steel magnolias in East Texas


"Steel Magnolias" was a 1989 comedy-drama film release depicting the bond a group of women shared in a small town Southern community. In Kilgore and Longview there is a circle of friends that remind you so much of the movie, it can be hilarious. But, nonetheless they are there through the worst of times and the best of times. Periodically, they meet to break the tension life throws at them, celebrate a birthday, try out a new recipe or just fellowship.

Thursday evening the group met at Red Lobster this time to celebrate three birthdays, have a send off for one undergoing surgery and to indulge in Mom’s strawberry cake afterward at the home of Janice Cameron. Enjoying the evening were Wanda Billings, Kelly Watson, Cindy Gilmore, Elizabeth Tullar, Gayle MItchell, Cynthia Beck and Jeannie Thompson. The birthday girls Janice, Cindy and Elizabeth were serenaded by the waiters.

Janice is trying to turn her house into a soup kitchen for the next few months, offering different varieties each time. Quite the cook, she needs to be careful with that as she will have more takers than she will know.

THE Community Relations Director at Arabella, Joni Sullivan, made their annual Spud luncheon fun this year. An e-mail she sent out offered the selection of pie and drink choices with nothing said about the baked potato and toppings. When asked about it, she replied, “Of course, I’ve always said one should start the meal with dessert! Thank you for your order.” I understand they had quite a crowd for those spuds…and desserts.

ALWAYS A KILGOREITE, several of Fletcher Jowers friends received an e-mail from him with an attachment, but not an explanation. He gained attention though as he started out writing about his love of a smell of a horse. It seems Fletcher has an autobiography going, involving the days he was raised on Rabbit Creek. Forewarn us, next time Fletcher. We never know about you.

WHEN it comes to fairs and festivals, East Texas is the place to be. The East Texas State Fair started Friday and folks in this part look forward to the Howdy Neighbor BBQ and hay sale benefitting the local 4-H Clubs.

“I look forward to it every year,” said Eddie Holley, who has already been notified his hay was chosen in the top 25 out of 150 for judging at the Smith County Hay Show. “The hay will be auctioned off by Jack Dillard from Waskom. It is worth the trip for his jokes.”

If you look around his feed store and see tiny bales of hay with red and blue ribbons attached you can see why he enjoys the fair so much.

YES! The pumpkins will be arriving at St. Luke’s United Methodist Church on the evening of September 27. Then you can look forward to month-long activities surrounding their pumpkin patch. You can read more about their activities later in KNH.

PERSIMMONS tell the story and this year, J.T. Smith of Smith Plumbing was the first to mention slicing the persimmons open to see what kind of winter we will be having. Not only did he slick them open, but, he carries around a photo of the proof. Inside the seeds he found the formation of knives and spoons meaning it will be a sharp (cold) and wet winter. I will trust those persimmons over the Farmer’s Almanac any day.

May His Love and Laughter Fill Your Hearts and Your Homes Throughout the Week. In the meantime, we may be reached at chitchatlinda@aol.comk or 903-984-2593.


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