Kilgore City Hall, school districts closed Tuesday

Winter Weather Advisories


City Hall closes Tuesday amid weather warnings

From the City of Kilgore, “Due to the inclement weather, Kilgore City Hall will likely be closed for business tomorrow Tuesday 1/16. We are continuing to monitor the situation, and public safety officials are on duty. Be safe tonight and tomorrow and only drive on icy roads if absolutely necessary.”


Sabine ISD, Kilgore College cancel classes Tuesday

Per Sabine ISD Superintendent Stacey Bryce, SISD will be closed Tuesday due to the incoming winter weather.
Kilgore College spokesman Chris Craddock has also confirmed KC will be closed Tuesday due to the winter weather expected in the area.
The day would have been the first day of classes for KC students, but the closure pushes the first of spring classes back to Wednesday.


KISD announces Tuesday closure

Kilgore ISD Superintendent Cara Cooke notified the Kilgore ISD Superintendent Cara Cooke notified the Kilgore News Herald shortly after 4:30 p.m. classes will be cancelled throughout the school district Tuesday in anticipation of the winter weather expected to move into the area late Monday and early Tuesday.
“Keep posted for any other updates as we see what this Winter Storm brings. Stay safe and warm!” a status update posted on the school district’s Facebook page states.
If necessary, KISD still has both of its “bad weather days,” scheduled for Feb. 19 and April 2. The state-required two bad weather days are holidays for students unless required to make up for an unforeseen school closure.


Overton ISD closes Tuesday

There will be no classes at Overton ISD Tuesday and the school has announced an initial delay until 10 a.m. Wednesday in light of incoming winter weather.
According to a press release from the district sent about 2 p.m. Monday, “OISD Superintendent Stephen DuBose has communicated with the National Weather Service and Rusk County Emergency Services and has decided that if the predictions are accurate, (the NWS level of confidence is high on the forecast), it would be best for all employees and students to remain home and not attempt to travel on roads with potential ice buildups.”
Wednesday's 10 a.m. delay comes after expectations snow and ice is likely to re-freeze Tuesday night.
Find additional updates on Overton ISD's Facebook page and website.


Hazardous roads likely beginning early Tuesday

On Monday morning, the US National Weather Service Shreveport Louisiana upgraded the area's winter storm watch to a winter storm warning, meaning winter weather is expected.
There is a high likelihood roads throughout the area will be icy - it's recommended residents take time Monday to make all necessary preparations and run any errands that cannot wait until the roads have thawed.
In addition to the hazardous road conditions, wind chills will make it feel even colder than the actual forecasted highs and lows over the next few days (teens to low 40s). Some forecasted wind chill factors, according to the NWS, are into the single digits.
It is important to dress appropriately in layers. Also during extreme cold, people should remember the four Ps: PIPES (cover exposed pipes), PETS (bring them inside or make sure they have appropriate housing and heating if they cannot be inside the house), PLANTS (cover or bring inside any vulnerable plants to protect them) and PEOPLE (check on neighbors, especially the elderly to make sure they are staying warm or if they need any assistance).


Kilgore News Herald will publish further weather advisories as they become available.


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