Trustees approve contract for new KHS roof


Kilgore High School will get a new roof this summer after Kilgore ISD board members voted to approve a roofing contract with Curtis-McKinley out of Longview.

The company will replace the 100-year-old Spanish tile at KHS, the oldest school in KISD, for the approved price of $557,600.

KISD requested two sets of bids: one that would remove, clean and reuse as many tiles as possible and another that replaces all the tiles.

After taking into account the likelihood of many tiles breaking during the removal and cleaning process, KISD Chief Financial Officer Revard Pfeffer brought to the KISD board a recommendation to replace all the tiles.

The work will begin June 1 and continue through the summer with an expected completion date of July 30.

The summertime work will mean the tiles will be a uniform size also, Pfeffer said, noting he was not aware until the bid process that the current tiles are three different sizes.

Over KISD’s spring break next week, the district will be installing new phone systems throughout the district and additional and replacement cameras.

Also during Monday’s board meeting, the trustees discussed other capital needs projects that are in the works for the coming years.

One of those projects is the replacement of air conditioning units at KHS. With 94 units needing to be replaced, the project is split into two phases with 56 units in the first phase and 38 units in the second.

“Our problem is just finding the time to keep all these things rolling and stay on top of them and make sure we’re doing an adequate job… We’re working as fast as we can and as hard as we can to try to get them out there, trying to beat the curve because a lot of these companies get busy in a hurry,” Pfeffer said. “We’re hoping we’re not behind the eight ball. If we aren’t, we’ll have it ready to go for next summer.”

KISD Superintendent Cara Cooke told the board she moved some of the security recommendations and improvements to the short-term projects list from the long-term list, noting recent concerns around the country related to school safety. With short-term security projects, the district can make immediate improvements before more permanent projects can be completed.

“We’re really looking at everything we can do now and what we can add to it to enhance the safety of all,” she said, recognizing the work of KISD principals, administrators and school resource officers.

KISD has received proposals from six companies to implement document management systems to digitize records at KHS, in the business office and in human resources. Representatives from various departments in the district will meet with the final three companies next month before awarding a contract.

The district will also be doing an air quality test near the woodshop classroom at Kilgore Middle School and requesting bids to start replacing its copier fleet. Other capital needs for the future include upgrades to the KISD Ag Farm.

“We do kind of feel like we’ve got a bunch of plates spinning in the air and we’re trying to make sure we’re going through it with due diligence and not rushing too quickly, but at the same time we want to move on these things and do as many as possible… We’ve sat around and talked about some of these things for a while, so I know it’s not moving maybe as fast as we still all want it to, but I think we’re having movement, and we’re going to take care of some of these big items,” Cooke told the trustees.


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