Three hurt in collision on Hwy. 259


There was an explosion of shrapnel, a truck skidding on its side, a toolbox flying through the air and colliding with another vehicle in a three-vehicle wreck Wednesday at the intersection of Hwy. 259 and Dudley Road.

No one was seriously injured in the afternoon collision, according to Kilgore Police, but three people were transported to a local hospital with “non-incapacitating injuries.”

KPD Lt. Johnathan Gage says one driver may have had medical episode behind the wheel, sparking the crash.

In one car, 20-year-old Longview resident Somer Stuckey was stopped in the inside southbound lane in her black Hyundai, waiting for the light to change.

“She was struck from behind by a ‘98 Chevrolet Silverado,” Gage said. “The driver may have had an illness. The investigation revealed at no time she tried to avoid the car.

Failure to control speed was a contributing factor as well, he added, as 30-year-old Ashley Williams’ truck struck the back of Stuckey’s car and veered to the side, a passing blow to the smaller vehicle instead of a direct collision.

“That would have been really bad,” Gage said. “It could have been luck that she glanced it on the back left.”

The truck turned on its side, skidding as a loose toolbox in the bed went airborne, striking a vehicle stopped at the light on the opposite of side of the intersection – the trajectory spared driver David Luna and his 2013 Toyota Prius the worst of the impact.

Champion EMS transported Stuckey, Williams and a teenage passenger for additional medical treatment. While the Hyundai and Chevy were “significantly-damaged, Gage said, fortunately none of the people involved suffered major injuries.

“It could have been really bad.”


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