SWEPCO tackles outages in repairs to substation


\A string of power outages and on/off incidents should be at an end, SWEPCO reports, following repairs to a faulty Kilgore-area substation.

A half-hour outage that impacted almost 2,400 local customers June 14 was just one of a series of power failures in the past several weeks, but it’s the last, according to a spokesperson for the utility. It was an emergency shut-off, SWEPCO’s Karen Wissing said, and spotlighted the underlying issue from other recent instances.

According to the senior communications consultant, “We had some issues with our Kilgore substation. They seemed to be concentrated on the eastern side” of Hwy. 259.

Conferring with some of the utility’s engineers, Wissing confirmed a number of incidents the past several weeks in the eastern portion of Kilgore, including a series of back-to-back on/off fluctuations in a short span.

All those cases were heading toward last week’s afternoon outage, beginning at 12:50 p.m. Thursday and affecting a reported 2,350 customers in various, adjacent areas of the community east of 259.

“That was an emergency shut-off so we could transfer all the customers from the east circuit to the west,” Wissing confirmed. Much of the power was restored within half-an-hour. “There probably hasn’t been an outage since and there shouldn’t be one moving forward.”

Following repairs, the eastern customers were transferred back to their regular circuit, Wissing said.

“It was an issue in our substation, but it has been resolved. Everything’s good to go. Shouldn’t have that problem.”

Report an outage and find a map of current power failures at swepco.com/outages.


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