Suspect's stand-off ends after strategic pull-back Saturday


Hours into a stand-off with a local man – apparently armed, likely disturbed – Kilgore police officers broke the stalemate Saturday and backed off before anyone was harmed.

Soon enough, the suspect left his residence off Hillcrest Road and was quickly apprehended nearby.

Booked by the Department of Public Safety Oct. 15, 44-year-old Ryan Stephens Ramke was still incarcerated as of press time Tuesday, facing bonds totaling $230,000 for three charges.

According to Kilgore Assistant Police Chief Roman Roberson, officers were dispatched to Hillcrest about 4:30 p.m. Saturday.

“We answered a call out there to an individual who assaulted his father,” Roberson noted. “When we arrived, he was in the residence, and he was observed with a weapon.”

It was the second time KPD had visited the home in the past 24 hours.

“We ran a call the night prior at the same residence that referenced him acting erratically. At the time, there was no crime,” Roberson added. “They attempted to do an emergency detention warrant. He was taken to the hospital to be evaluated, and he was ultimately released,” about midnight.

A little more than 14 hours later, according to KPD records, Ramke’s mother called for help after the man allegedly assaulted his father, causing minor injuries including bruising and cuts to the face as well as swelling.

“The father was able to exit the front of the residence. The mother exited the back of the residence and went to a neighbor’s house to call 911.”

Much of the surrounding area east of Hwy. 42 and south of Interstate 20 is outside the Kilgore city limits in Gregg County, but the residence in question lies just inside the city. Gregg County Sheriff’s Office deputies assisted on the scene.

“After we were able to make contact with the father and knew the mother was safe, we observed (Ramke) with a weapon inside the residence. We basically just secured the residence and attempted to get him to come out,” Roberson said. “He destroyed all the phones in the house … At one point, we basically just monitored the situation. We were out there well into the evening trying to ascertain if we could make contact with him.

“Eventually, the decision was made to back away from the residence and give him a little room.”

In the meantime, officers secured a warrant for the man’s arrest. When Ramke left the residence, DPS Troopers stopped him on Hyw. 42 near I-20.

At that point, “He assaulted a DPS Trooper along with resisting arrest,” Roberson confirmed.

Ramke’s bond was set at $200,000 on a charge of injury to a child, elderly or disabled person with intent to cause bodily injury in addition to charges of assaulting a public servant and resisting arrest, search or transport, bonds set at $25,000 and $5,000, respectively.


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