Stone Road set for speed limit reduction


Drivers heading out of the Kilgore City Limits will soon see a drop in the speed limit on Stone Road after Kilgore council members gave their blessing to a proposal from the state.

The speed limit on Stone (FM 2204) will likely drop five miles-per-hour in the near future in several segments from Stone Ridge Road through FM 2276. Council members gave the plan a green light Tuesday following a Texas Department of Transportation speed study that identified “conflict points” on the roadway and recommended new speed caps.

“They set the maximum speed limit. They can set this new maximum,” Kilgore City Manager Josh Selleck told council members. “They’re desiring for us to consent to it and send them a letter.”

According to Selleck, about a year ago he fielded a concern about the speed limit on Stone Road, particularly in the area between the Hwy. 259 Bypass and FM 2276.

On Stone Road, “The speed limit steps up to 65 at the loop,” Selleck reminded the council Tuesday. Soon after, the roadway passes the Martin Gas facility: “With all the traffic Martin generates, bumping (the speed) up and having people accelerate while others decelerate generates a concern.”

The speed study covered Stone Road between its intersections with Danville and FM 2276. With data from about 150 eastbound vehicles, the agency identified the 85th percentile speeds at 51 MPH in one section, 58 in the next and 61 in the third segment. High speeds, by section, were 62 MPH, 63 and 69.

Typically rounding down from the 85th percentile, Selleck noted, the agency proposed capping the speed limit at 50 MPH along Stone to Stone Ridge Road. It would increase to 55 at that point and continue past Martin Gas to FFA Road then increase to 60 through the four-way stop at FM 2276.

“Their other concern was the stop sign out there,” he added, in addition to “the design of the road and the amount of development out there."


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