Letters to the Editor


In reference to a recent story about the need to replace the bushes currently used to welcome everyone to KILGORE, I would like to offer another option, besides colored rocks. Rocks are pretty, and widely used. However, Kilgore is unique. So, WHY not capitalize on that “uniqueness,” with something different.

We are a city known for our Art Deco bldgs and our derricks/oilfield. What about using pieces of equipment to fashion industrial style letters. I imagine much of the needed materials can be readily found, nearby. Possibly for little or no cost. The fabrication could be a project of the welding schools, held at KC. Design could come from drafting classes, or, the art  classes. Design could be fashioned to elevate the top of the tilt, on the letters, eliminating the need for extensive ground work. Unique, low cost, community focused....win/win.

Vickie Raymond

Kilgore, TX


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