SHS students prepare for community service Dec. 9


Sabine High School students will pour into the surrounding community next week to lend a hand in a myriad of ways.

“It’s all about helping others,” Sabine ISD Superintendent Stacey Bryce said, connecting the young volunteers with people in need in the area.

Two years back, the school hosted a community-wide clean-up. The students will be collecting litter again during the 9 a.m. to noon outreach Saturday, Dec. 9, but many will also be taking on a variety of projects to assist their neighbors.

“There will be trash pick-up around the community and there will also be designated homes around the community where work will be done,” Bryce noted, “yard work and other chores that need to be done around the house, trimming limbs and helping with some minor construction projects.”

The services projects are particularly focused on serving the older members of the community, he added, and anyone else who needs a helping hand.

“We had a meeting with the local pastors and they submitted names of people in their church that might need additional help,” he added. “Most of them are going to be elderly. Some of them could be single mothers, things like that.”

All student organizations – from clubs to band, choir, athletics, etc. – have been invited to take part. More than 100 students are on the roster.

“It’s mainly just participation,” Bryce said, but it’s also valuable service experience for students looking to the future: “This is certainly some of the volunteer work they can use on their college applications.”

The district will serve the volunteers hot dogs, chips and drinks after the primary work in the morning. Some projects may continue after lunch, depending on what tasks remain.

Area churches have been an asset in planning the overall project, Bryce added, helping the district pair volunteers with projects.

The basic goal is to encourage students to help others in the community, he said, to give them an outreach opportunity and hands-on experience at the various tasks.

“Along with that, we’re leaving it with the students: we want them to do the organizing of it as far as the development of the teams assigned to certain homes and areas of the community,” Bryce noted. “Some leadership skills are going to be used in this.

“They need to see that anything helping others and helping the community is going to help themselves too.”


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