School board candidates cite experience, propose outreach


Election Day is quickly approaching and a seat on the Kilgore ISD school board is up for grabs. Two candidates, Dana Sneed and Jason Smith, are campaigning for the Position 7 seat.

Sneed was an educator for 30 years and spent much of that time teaching in Kilgore.

“I’ve been with students and teachers and education my entire life,” he said. “I enjoy working in the school system and I want to see if I can help in that respect. I’ve always wanted to do something for my community.”

Smith grew up in Kilgore and graduated from Kilgore High and Kilgore College before attending Texas A&M. He is an assistant safety manager at Tyler Pipe.

Both candidates have said the answer to many problems faced by the district is for the schools to establish stronger connections with parents and guardians of students to work on issues at home.

For example, at a candidate forum last Sunday, Smith proposed community outreach and teacher training to address bullying concerns.

“It starts with outreach in our community and it starts with our homes. One solution is to equip our teachers to deal with it, to be able to spot the signs and symptoms of not just who is the bully but for the kid that is being bullied,” he said.

The race for the school board is visible as signs for the candidates have popped up around town.

Sneed said he’s enjoyed campaigning for the trustee seat.

“It’s been really, really positive. I’ve had a tremendous amount of encouragement and support. It’s been a good way to get in touch with many people in the community.”

Asked why Kilgore voters should choose him, Sneed cited his longtime involvement with education and his commitment to getting things done. He hopes to bring this quality to work on the school board to “make a difference in the district.”

“That’s what the motto of KISD is. It’s been an inspiration to have the honor and opportunity to get out there and make this attempt to be part of Kilgore’s future because schools are the future and because students are the future.”


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