Sabine ISD Education Foundation plans bigger, better fundraising bash


Sabine ISD Education Foundation is planning to outperform last year’s fundraising efforts at its second annual major fundraiser in October.

Misty Gee, executive director of the foundation, said last year’s success laid the groundwork for the upcoming event.

“Last year was our founding year so we did ‘Rocking the Foundation’ as our annual fundraiser. We’ve decided it will be our yearly fundraiser in October. We are planning on the same weekend, the second weekend in October. All of the funds will go back into the district,” Gee said, adding the funds will support things like teacher grants and dual-credit scholarships.

Gee said the event will raise funds in a variety of ways, including through ticket sales, table sponsorships, games and a live auction. Some of the items to be auctioned are still being determined but one of the big-ticket items will be a turkey hunt in West Texas.

Last year’s inaugural fundraiser was a big success but Gee hopes to host a bigger and better event this year, earning more money for the district.

“This is our biggest fundraiser,” Gee said. “Last year we made a little over $40,000 and there were roughly 275 people in attendance. This year we’re planning to have up to 300 people. We will have someone cater the dinner this year. Last year we did it on our own because we didn’t know what to expect!”

Her expectations were surpassed in 2017 but the foundation is hard at work to prepare for the upcoming fundraiser. Several sponsors have already stepped forward to pledge their support and the foundation will provide opportunities for locals who want to chip in with a sponsorship.

“It’s a variety, it really is. Most of the table sponsorships are local businesses. We have two event sponsors: the Clements family and C&S Lease Services. They’re our biggest sponsors,” Gee said.

Gee says the foundation is working now to outperform the unexpected success of last year.

“We’re planning on it. There is no set figure but we should be able to do more this year. We’re actually meeting tonight,” she said on Tuesday.

To learn more about this year’s fundraiser, contact Misty Gee at 903-984-8564 or To purchase tickets, visit or visit The event is scheduled for Saturday, October 13 from 7 to 11 p.m. at 4B Farms in Winona.


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