New Rangerette officers touted at KC's monthly board meeting



Officers of the 79th Rangerette line were formally introduced to the Kilgore College board of trustees Monday.

At Monday’s board meeting, new officers were featured in the program and student spotlight. Assistant Director and Choreographer Shelley Wayne introduced the officers, KC sophomores filling four lieutenant spots and one captain spot.

“First of all, I would like to say thank you on behalf of the Rangerette organization. Thank you to the Kilgore College Board of Trustees, to Dr. Kays, to Dr. Jenkins, to our entire administrative staff and the faculty here at Kilgore College. We are so honored that our Rangerette officers have been selected to be spotlighted as representatives, as leaders on our campus,” Wayne said.

Lieutenants are Sara Aguillard from Mont Belvieu, Haley Carlile from Lufkin, Kelsey Little from Abilene and Ryan Wayne from Kilgore. The new Rangerette captain is Cierra Birmingham from Leander.

“These five young women are outstanding. Not only are they beautifully talented but they are extremely dedicated, not only to the Rangerette organization but to their academics and to Kilgore College and to being the absolute best leaders that they can possibly be on our campus,” Wayne said.

Wayne described some of the achievements of the new officers, including the completion of 206 college credit hours in their freshman year, boosted by dual-credit hours earned in high school. Their combined GPA average as Rangerette officers is 3.84.

Wayne also thanks the board of trustees for their help in sending the Rangerettes to perform at the Basel Military Tattoo in Switzerland over the summer.

“In my 25 years with the organization, I have never been on a more rewarding trip for our organization, for the city of Kilgore, for Kilgore College and the state of Texas and for the United States in general. It was an incredible performing opportunity for them but more so the cultural experience, the opportunity to perform with musicians, dancers, singers, players from all over the world. It was just an incredible opportunity that I don’t know that they would ever be able to duplicate again in their lifetimes,” Wayne said.

She also thanked the board for helping the Rangerettes with their planned trip to New York City in November. The ‘Rettes will put on a holiday performance in the Big Apple in front of over 1500 high school students from across the country in the hopes of attracting recruits to KC and the Rangerette organization.


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