Members give Overton Golf Course much-needed boost


Alerting the public to the plight of Overton Golf Course has already paid off, to some degree.

Winter weather packs a hard punch for the outdoor amenity, and the operation’s staffers have been spreading the word about the financial difficulties of the slow season. They called a meeting of the course’s membership last week and left it with hope for the future.

With 18 members in attendance, “The majority voted to give a $100, one-time assessment” per member, Rick Kylmala said Friday, “so that should help us.”

The injection of cash is earmarked for necessary maintenance on the greens and lawn mowers.

Kylmala’s also looking forward to an appearance before the Overton City Council Feb. 15 and a second pitch to the Overton Economic Development Corporation Feb. 21 – “Hopefully between those two I can get some help to keep this place afloat.”

The fundraising campaign is primarily-aimed at supporting the course through spring when usage picks up again.

Staffers are always on the lookout for new members (aiming for a regular roster of 50 to break-even) and tout the economic impact the facility has on the community as out-of-towners, who make up the lion’s share of users, bring outside dollars to Overton.

The effort’s also personal.

“It’s been here since 1957,” Kylmala said. “A guy hates to see something that’s been around that long close-up.”

With coverage of the situation last week, in addition to the membership meeting, his optimism’s restored.

“Hopefully, next week people will start trickling in,” Kylmala noted. Already he’s seen a couple of new players testing out the links, and word is spreading: “It’s going to help. There’s no doubt in my mind.

“If we can make it ‘til April when the weather warms up, then I think we can at least finish out this season.”

The course is open year-round, closed only on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

With last week’s outreach to the membership, Overton Golf Course has already collected about $1,000 from donations.

“So far I haven’t heard any negatives on the assessment,” Kylmala said. “Most all the members are aware of our situation. They’ve all been there a long time.”

The course is located at 505 S. Lakeshore Dr. in Overton. For more information, call the business office at 903-834-6414.


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