DeCeault delivers program for Coterie Club gathering


The Coterie Club of Kilgore met on February 8 at the home of Janie Edmonds. Her co-hostess was Ann Brogoitti. After conversation and refreshments, President Francye Phillips welcomed the group and opened the meeting.

Rachel Brian introduced club member Pam DeCeault who presented the program titled “On the Rocks.” Pam shared the historical journey of some alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages unique to the South. Two of the most popular beverages are enjoyed daily in many southern households. Those drinks are Dr Pepper and sweet tea. She also shared background history on some alcoholic favorites, the Mint Julip, the Sazerac, the Hurricane, and the Gin Fizz.

Cissy Covnet read the minutes from the prior meeting and Ann Dorney gave the treasurer’s report. The Club Collect was read by Karlene Gunn. The next meeting for the club will be February 22 at the home of Tina Zapata.


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