Letter to the Editor



A Facebook “friend” recently posted how ashamed she was of people criticizing the President. She pointed out that she has lived through 10 Presidents prior to Trump and has never seen nor heard of a President scrutinized, humiliated, slandered, ridiculed, insulted, and threatened with death or impeachment. She pointed out that, although he is not perfect, he is “our President” and our elders are probably “rolling in their graves.” Furthermore, all this hatred and disrespect shows the world that we are not united. Several followers congratulated her on her assessment and one even commented that such people should move to Mexico or South America.

To be fair, I listened to 8 years of people trying to discredit the last President, claiming he was not an American and therefore unqualified to be President, even claiming he was a terrorist. I listened to him being compared to Hitler, Stalin, and heard “Good Christians” claim he was the Anti-Christ. I listened to people refer to him and his family as “apes” and witnessed countless racist cartoons about him and his family. So, yes, I have seen an American President scrutinized, humiliated, slandered, ridiculed, insulted, threatened with death, and his children humiliated... for 8 years. Therefore, those who were not appalled then should not be so critical of what is happening now. But, even though the friend prefaced her post by saying it was fine with her if anyone disagrees, I was soon unfriended. Perhaps the shoe feels different on the other foot.

Bill E. Hedrick

Kilgore, Texas


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