Letter to the Editor


I recently contacted the RR Commission about a huge pile of contaminated dirt, at the end if Woodlawn Rd, and 42 hi way, in south Kilgore. I was told by the RR Commission, that this dirt was drill mud, and was going to have to be cleaned up. Firstly, Drill Mud, that I always seen, was just that, Mud, and grey in color. There are so many rocks and foreign objects, that it would be IMPOSSIBLE for that dirt to be pumped down a well, and circulated back out. This brings up the question, just what is this pile of dirt? Is it cleanup from spilled oil, fiel, gas, etc? I know a year or so ago, at the golf course here in Kilgore, two or three hundred gal of Diesel Fuel was spilled. It took two or three guys, two or three days to clean up. My question is, if that small amount of Diesel Contaminated dirt, had to be cleaned up immediately and it is Necessary to clean up such a small spill, why is an area several feet deep, and covers several acres, why IS IT NOT A PRIORITY TO CLEAN THAT AREA UP. The place at Woodlawn/42, on a hot day, reeks of oil and Diesel fuel. There is no telling how far that contamination has spread, due to the heavy rains we have had the last couple of years, yet, nothing is being done! Could you look into this please?

Dan Mauldin

Kilgore, TX


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