KPD: Alarm company will be going door-to-door


The City of Kilgore has recently issued a permit to an alarm company for door to door solicitation. While door to door solicitations are generally prohibited in the City of Kilgore, Alarm Companies are an exception due to state law. We wanted to inform every one you may see a few persons from the alarm company going door to door. Here is an excerpt from city ordinance regarding alarm companies

Any person representing a security alarm company as allowed by Texas Occupations Code section 1702.134 as amended, and regulations adopted by the state, currently title 37, part 1, chapter 35, section 35.47 “residential solicitation” of the Texas Administrative Code, which states the following:

(A) Carry a department-issued pocket card, or a receipt of registration issued by the department, and present said pocket card or proof of registration for inspection to the homeowner or resident;

(B) Inform the homeowner or resident of the person’s name and employer’s name;

(C) Provide to the homeowner or resident, at no charge, a document or business card listing the person’s name, employer’s name, address, phone number, license number, and the department’s phone number with instructions on how to contact or file a complaint with the department;

(D) Not approach or solicit a home or residence during any times where a placard is displayed indicating that the homeowner or residential occupant does not wish to be solicited;

(E) Comply with any applicable door-to-door solicitation ordinance consistent with state and federal law; and

(F) Provide to the local law enforcement agency with primary jurisdiction a written list of all registrants that will be engaging in the door-to-door solicitation of its residents before any solicitation occurs. The licensed company shall update the information provided to the department if there are any changes to the list. This notification can be made via fax, email, regular mail, or by hand delivery to the agency. This notification shall include the company name and department-issued license number. The chief of police will have the right to perform a background history using resources via the internet and charge a nonrefundable fee provided in the fee schedule in appendix B of this code. The chief of police does have the right to deny any registrants to engage in any door-to-door solicitation after a criminal history is conducted.


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