KISD approves interlocal agreements for ballfields


Kilgore ISD trustees approved new interlocal agreements with the City of Kilgore for the use of baseball and softball complexes.

The agreements are similar and allow Kilgore ISD to make improvements to both facilities with written consent from the city manager or Kilgore City Council.

The facilities will be used for “outdoor recreational activities,” including high school and league softball and baseball games.

KISD will maintain and be responsible for repairs, upgrades, utilities, maintenance, fertilizing, watering, lighting, scheduling and access at both parks.

Each contract is for 10 years, expiring in 2028.

At Driller Park, though, it specifies “KISD agrees that it will maintain Driller Field in excellent condition and according to any rules and guidelines of the Texas historical Commission,” because of its historic nature.

With the new agreements in place and approved unanimously by the school board, KISD Superintendent Cara Cooke said, “We can manage that field more to our needs than we were able to before.”

Trustees also approved a new staff development waiver that reflects the Texas Education Agency’s transition to minutes instead of days to count the academic calendar.

The waiver allows for 2,100 minutes to use for professional development, beginning in the spring. The 2,100 minutes will be paired with the 74,360 minutes in the calendar to get a total of 76,460 minutes, which is 860 minutes more than the required 75,600 minutes.

“We will have basically almost two days. I think we’re short 20 minutes… We’ll be short only 20 minutes of two days that we can use with the time for students,” Cooke said.

This overage, which equated to 40 minutes shy of two days this year, is what allowed the district to just add minutes to the end of the remaining days of the school year to make up for missed days due to winter weather.

In other business, John Slagle made the motion to certify the unopposed candidates for the KISD Board of Trustees and to cancel the KISD election. Both motions passed unanimously.

With unopposed candidates to fill both KISD seats up for election in May, the board voted to cancel the May trustee election. It also certified Reggie Henson, running for re-election in Place 4, and Alan Clark, who will fill Slagle’s Place 3, as trustees for a three-year term.

The board also unanimously approved the truancy reduction program grant, which was awarded in July. The grant approved Monday is the same, but with Assistant Superintendent Richard Nash’s name included as the authorized official.


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