“I love pollen: I love how it’s in the trees, I love how it makes me sneeze, and I love the yellow breeze.”

– said no one ever

IT’S Revels week – full hotels, crowded parking lots, incredible foot traffic at Kilgore College. The World Famous Rangerettes shine throughout the year and all the brighter during their fantastic performances in Dodson Auditorium each spring.

DON’T forget to drop by the Texan Theater at 4 p.m. Sunday to meet, greet and ask pointed questions of your candidates for local offices. The annual forum sponsored by the chamber and KNH will last no longer than two hours and, hopefully, you’ll leave with a better idea of how your ballot will look May 4.

CONGRATULATIONS to KNH advertising representative and columnist Linda Ballard – our ChitChat Lady brought home another first place plaque from North & East Texas Press Association’s annual competition. Kudos, too, to local humorist Jase Graves who notched fourth place in the same category.

FACTS matter.

MEANWHILE, the Interwebs tell us a 3.5-ounce canister of “100% Genuine Wild Kopi Luwak Coffee Beans” retails for $114.95 on Planet Bezos. As Amazon’s description puts it, the pricey coffee is sourced from plantations in Sumatra, where “Wild Asian Palm Civets roam freely in the highlands of Indonesia, selecting the choicest coffee cherries for their personal consumption. All beans are sustainably harvested.”

TRANSLATION: The picky critters consume and… pass… the beans, after said “coffee cherries” have fermented on their way through the cat’s innards.

WE’VE had good coffee. We’ve had bad coffee. We stand by our own brew (no matter what slanderous comments other newsroom caffeine hounds come up with). For what it’s worth, sure, we’d try a cup of cat-fiene, if only to tell the tale for years to come.


April 10: Roshelle Lynn Baker, Kristen Davenport, Linda Yancey, Carl Bradshaw, Paula Crews, Kathy Mehringer, Sharon Keith, Frank Sinclair, Mrs. Jack Evans, Carolyn Holcombe, Leeah Rhodes, Betty Holt, Skip Holt, Wesley Hardin, Nancy Cornelison, Mrs. Ruben Withers, Glenna Harper, Candee Collins, John Flitton, Brian Johnson, Cheyenne Bynum, Gina Wehunt, Leonard Farrar

April 11: Dustin Carrol, Betty Ware, Sanny Sue Holland, Gail Holloway, Traci Taliaferro, Kelli Vance, Judy James, G.D. (Joe) Sanders, Mary E. Sanders, Bubba Earnest, Kelly Gentry, Mrs. Royce Pittman, Katherine Muse, Jason Gunn, Charlie Hale, Bill Lawrence, Mrs. Bill Moyers, Gene Lewis, Dave Kucifer, Marian Brasher, Cheyenne Bynum.

April 12: Jennifer Haynes Gabriel, Cindy Swaim, Bill Reed, Monica Quintero, Janice O’Neil, Sidney Farrow, Lonnie Jimmerson, Lula Lawler, Julie Stanley, Shelby Page, Haley Page, Alice F. Gray.


April 10: Jim and Vickie Barnes

April 11: Roland and Ruth Fernandez


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