“A good leader takes a little more than his share of the blame, a little less than his share of the credit. “--Arnold H. Glasow

9/11/01. Sixty police officers, 343 fire fighters.

SAY “Ellen Watson” to most anyone who’s lived here for 20 years or more and, chances are, they’ll either respond “Hospital Auxiliary” or “Library Story Lady.”

SHE helped organize the Auxiliary at Laird Hospital and was such a gifted Story Lady she was flown around Texas in the ‘40s, reading to children in libraries around the state.

ELLEN died Saturday after years of service to her community. She was First Lady of Kilgore in 1954 and, if she had been one to brag, she had plenty of reason. But she never did, not in our presence. The closest I ever heard her come to boasting was when she bragged on either her late husband, Randolph, or her son, Joe – she was delighted to talk about either of them.

WINNERS again at the East Texas Music Awards Monday night…

THE Back Porch is again named top music venue in East Texas.

ALLY Venable again named entertainer of the year.

WE peek outside and are reminded of the Bob Dylan’s lyrics, “a Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall.”

MEANWHILE, Texas Water Development Board says this morning (Monday) we’ve still got a severe drought going on.

OF the 31 (there was a 3-way tie at 28) top western regional universities in the newest ranking by U.S. News and World report, seven are in Texas. LeTourneau was ranked number 20. Trinity University in San Antonio was ranked number two in the west and tops among Texas schools.

(REGIONAL Universities – a category identified by the magazine – offer a broad scope of undergraduate degrees and some master’s degree programs but few, if any, doctoral programs.)

FOR the uninitiated among us, according to our long-distance correspondent Mart Lapin, Oil Center was the name of the “community” at the intersection of Old Gladewater Highway and Highway 31. The center of Oil Center was the Loma Linda Club owned by Mother Armstrong.


September 12 - Webb Mosley, Jimmy Bessire, Lennie Allen, Peyton Bryant Carter, Joan Still Smith, Mike Woolridge, Carol Copeland, Robert Bagwell, Tino Tabares, Pam Mason, Brian Sims, Lola Turner, Tammy Coleman

September 13 - Alisa Pina, Freddie Rosas, Gregg Hammock, Melinda Dykes, Hannah Noel Lewis, Liam Quinlan


September 12 - Mr. and Mrs. Loy Gordon


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