“A man is usually more careful of his money than he is of his principles.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

IN today’s News Herald is a copy of The Flare, Kilgore College’s student newspaper. Journalism instructor Rachel Stallard led young journalists through a week-long camp and produced this issue of The Flare, printed and delivered at no charge by the news Herald.

THERE’S no way of knowing, of course, whether his work will ever make it to National Geographic, but photographer Carlos Valerio, a Mexico City resident shooting for National Geographic Explorer, was in Kilgore Wednesday morning, breakfasting with the regulars and a couple of full-dress Rangerettes at The Burrito Shop.

MR. VALERIO was touring East Texas, photographing state parks as part of promotional effort by Texas Parks and Wildlife and the Governor’s Office of Tourism. Kilgore Chamber of Commerce’s tourism guy, Ryan Polk, in concert with Marty Prince, representing Texas Forest Trail Region, brought the photographer here on his way from Tyler State Park to Caddo Lake State Park.

AFTER breakfast, they walked down Commerce Street for the obligatory photos at the World’s Richest Acre Park. Said Ryan, “It was hot, but I think they enjoyed it.”

SPRINGTIME was busy at Kilgore News More than 44,500 of you logged onto our website a total of 85,400 times and you perused more than 241,000 pages.

MOSTLY you, our website visitors, were from this area but 271 visitors logged on from (of all places) Peru. Sixty percent of the visits were from a smart phone, 32 percent from desktop computers and the remainder from tablets. (Remember when tablets were all the rage?) The top 20 devices were all either Apple iPhones or Samsung Galaxies in their various iterations. Eight of you, though, logged on from BlackBerry phones still running BlackBerry operating systems – we salute your loyalty to the News Herald and to BlackBerry.

FROM a Kilgore News Herald story to be published soon: “… contained information from a 2015 Cost Report Analysis by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission which showed Texas ranks in the bottom five out of all states for the amount of Medicaid reimbursements paid to health care facilities.”


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