“Education without values, as useful as it is, seems rather to make man a more clever devil.”

– C. S. Lewis

“A GOLD-plated chump” is not an insult you’ll hear in any movie made in this, the new millennium. But there it was in the 1948 production of ‘Strike it Rich.’ Those must have been strong words in the ‘40s… Rod Cameron’s feelings were genuinely hurt by it.

THE insult was carelessly tossed out Thursday evening on the semi-big screen inside the Texan where Kilgore Historical Preservation Foundation screened the celluloid story of an oil boom in kind-of fictional Kilmer, Texas.

KILGORE offers a remarkably diverse variety of community events, from fireworks (thank you, Josh Selleck) on the Fourth of July to classical music on Aolian-Skinner pipe organs (thank you, Lorenz Maycher).

ONE of our favorites is the annual reception for the visiting cast, crew and technicians of the Texas Shakespeare Festival.

MEETING and eating with actors, directors and set or costume designers from as far away as the Marshall Islands, talking with them about the approaching production of “Tartuffe” or “Love’s Labor Lost” leaves us basking in a happy vanity that our town is a touch more literate, a smidgen more creative than other Texas towns.

THIS year’s event left us with those same warm feelings. (Thank you, Raymond Caldwell and Kilgore College.)

PEOPLE who live in small towns and rural areas are happier than their city cousins, if you believe research out of Canada.

A SURVEY of 400,000 Canadians found that those in smaller communities are happier, in general, because of a sense of belonging, shorter commutes, lower prices and church activities.

CASSIE Billings, a Kilgore High School graduate and now a student at Anderson University in Indiana, is spending some of her waking hours with us this summer, interning as a reporter.

(FOR the curious, Christian musician/songwriter Bill Gaither is among the most famous graduates of Anderson U.)

A COUPLE of times a year I read “The Fiddler of Dooney” by W.B. Yeats. It reminds me that it’s possible to be wonderful without being exactly what the world expects.


May 26 - Joe Lee Powell Jr., Janet Wilbourne, Jo Ann Sullivan Harvey, Jesse Hamilton, Tammy Leanne Renshaw, Jackson Walker

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May 29 - Sue Fuller, Pam Earley, Tiffany Joiner, J.W. McCubbin, Kari Campbell, Felicia Ward, Alan Reese, Clay Cleary, Jody Slaughter, Dorothy Mitchell, Jerry Oglesby, Bert Dickerson


May 26 - Lee and Virginia Adams, Derek and Beverly Price, Brenda and Clifton Edney

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