“Every person takes the limits of their own field of vision for the limits of the whole world.”

– Arthur Schopenhauer

ALL the reports we’ve heard indicate the Kilgore Chamber of Commerce’s Texas Tea went smoothly Thursday night. That tells us Lisa Morgan and Ryan Polk are doing a great job “holding down the fort” while the chamber’s board of directors continues its search for a new president.

CONGRATULATIONS, Lisa and Ryan, on a successful event.

A GREGG County court said Kilgore ISD violated the law when it eliminated its homestead tax exemption. Out in the Panhandle, White Deer ISD eliminated its homestead exemption and this week got the same court ruling Kilgore taxpayers got a couple of months back. A ways south of there, a similar suit is pending in Moore County (Dumas ISD).

KILGORE ISD is appealing the decision here. We’ve not heard – yet – how White Deer will respond.

IF YOU came of age in the ‘50s, you were affected by the Cold War. My family discussed – but never bought – bomb shelters. For fire drills at school we marched outside; but for duck-and-cover drills we went to the hallway, sat against the wall and covered our heads with our hands and forearms.

NEW York City prepared by distributing 2.5 million military-style dog tags to schoolchildren to help officials both identify bodies and reunite separated families in the event of a nuclear attack, while schools in an Indiana county tattooed children’s blood types under their armpits — rather than on their arms, which could be blown off — to help speed transfusions in the event of injury.

SYCOPHANT is a fine and useful word. Mika Brzezinski and Sean Hannity are perfect examples.

IF you’ve been holding off on buying a portable generator, your opportunity is just ahead. The state, anticipating hurricane and tornado season, is offering a sales tax “holiday” on some emergency supplies, including generators priced under $3,000. That offer is good April 28-30.


April 14 - Deanna Weaver, Kevin Ellis, Mrs. Sam Powe, Courtney DeShun Russell, Jack Ostrom, Amber Lawhorn, Tricia (Cricket) Kappen, Debbie Ruthven, Nequita Morgan, Robert Wingate, Terry Flenniken Jr., R.L. Carnahan, Eva Lacy, Wynona Nettles, Kate Norris, Leona Freeman, Jennifer Walton, Ray Rowe, Katy Allison

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April 17 - Stephen Torrence, Barbara Dickson, Claudette Lacy, George H. Halley, Mary Ann Harris, Patrick Murphey, Ellen Bittick, Doug Cline, Mary Manes, Mattie Clayborn, Sung Pak, Shari Darty, Kenya Dudley, Jesse Berden, Kasi Barnhart, Jaxon Woods


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