“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

– John Adams

THE Friday’s After 5 schedule has been announced – though there’s still a hole to be filled for the Cinco (actually Quatro) de Mayo concert.

HARVEST Moon Countrygrass will play a two-hour show April 6 on the World’s Richest Acre and will include a performance by the Bethlehem Bluegrass Band. In a departure from prior seasons, the April show begins at 7:30 p.m.

PLANS this year include a concert or two or three at City Park amphitheater so the kids/grandkids can enjoy the splash pad or swimming pool while you enjoy the music.

HOLY Prayer Apostolic Church is hosting a Black History Month Program Sunday. The program, featuring Bishop Allen Dotson from Tyler, begins at 3 p.m. The church is at 12234 FM 2012, Kilgore… nick-of-time scheduling, given that the month ends three days later.

IT seems like only last year the Tyler media was abuzz with rumors that Brookshire Grocery Co was for sale. The company eventually quashed that story. This week, Brookshire’s announced it’s buying Winn-Dixie; calls to mind the line attributed to Ray Kroc: “As long as you’re green you’re growing; as soon as you’re ripe, you start to rot.” Brookshire’s management is apparently not ready to rot.

ALONG those same lines, Henderson Citizen Bancshares, the Henderson-based holding company that owns Citizens National Bank bought Kilgore National Bank in 2017 and in January completed the acquisition of Union State Bank with seven branches around central Texas.

FOR reasons surely understood by someone, the weather year begins December 1.

SINCE the beginning of the weather year, the National Weather Service has recorded 14.61 inches of rain – that’s 3.6 inches more than normal. It’s worth noting that 6.53 inches of that year-to-date total has fallen since February 1.


February 24 - Bubba Pritchett, Tammy Medford, Danny Ross, Lori Wylie Davila,

Marilyn Applegate, Rory Dukes, Connie Peralez, Charla Hopkins, Stephanie

Ransom, Elisha Griffin, Johnnie R. Davidson, Caroline Alexander, Lindsey

Shields, Melanie Northcutt, Dee Dee Sherrod, Dustin Packer, Lynn Welch, Mike

Edney, Lisa McGaw, Richard Squick, John Paul Roby, Scottie Robertson, Mildred

Hooker, Barbara Wallace, Angie Hogue, Sandra Shelburne, Robert A. Mitchell

Jr., Carter Bennett, Suzanne Williams Tomasene Coleman

February 25 - Weslie Thurston, Anne McElroy, Amanda May, Mrs. J.J. Sale, Jason

Hounsel, Mary Sabrina McAlister, M.L. Walker, Clinton Loar, Dennis Edington,

Amber Curnutt, Derek Adams, Laura Aquier, Mark Fredrick, Ashley Laird,

Angelina Devona, Raven Still, Kendall Foster, Krista Small, Cassie Small,

Timalon Isaac, Marlana Brittain

February 26 - Ray Cox, Brad Velvin, Shelley Walden, Aaron Brandon, Travis

Parker, Jerry Nicks, Mrs. Paul Landers, Tina Batts, Ronnie Dorsey, Brandy

Atkinson, Eva McNutt, Alvin Kennedy, Kevin Rossum, Charbonet Mosley, Kevin

Washburn, Vivian McKenzie, Jenny Winningham, Angela White, Alison Ivy, Gary

Wayne Clark, Nettie Lee Pegues, Milton Hattaway, Brian Dorsey, Jason Laughlin,

Sylvia Thompson, Bobby O’Conner, Jo Alfred Jiminez, Whitney Donovan, Juanita

McFarland, B.J. Page, Brently Flournoy, Jay Gamble


February 24 - Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Medford, Earl and Betty Petty

February 25 - David and Debbie Chustz


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