“Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.”

– Albert Einstein

THOSE famous Singing Men of East Texas will be singing in Kilgore Thursday evening.

THE group of about 70 male vocalists will be at Forest Home Baptist Church at 7 p.m. Among the local and used-to-be local singers are Mark Fried, music director at Forest Home; Andy Elliott, retired Kilgore First Baptist now at First Baptist of Mt. Enterprise; Keith Wilkerson, formerly at Liberty City Baptist and now leading music in Idabel, OK; and Mark Lassater, formerly of Highland Park Baptist and now retired in Longview.

SINGING Men of East Texas is one of a half-dozen such that comprise the Singing Men of Texas.

CONGRATULATIONS to City Manager Josh Selleck – not that he’s done anything unusually laudatory lately – but for having city clerk Debbie Dane at that task every single day he’s been on the job here. Debbie just marked her six-year anniversary, moving into that position when Karen Custer retired.

WHEW! We’re finally off the list of counties identified as “drought” counties by Texas Water Development Board. Gregg County is now adequately damp, as is the north half of Rusk County. Surely with the rain volume promised for the next week, even southern Rusk County will be drought free soon.

HENRY Wadsworth Longfellow’s village smithy stood under a spreading chestnut tree. The fruit is good for roasting over an open fire and selling in little paper cups in New York City. The chestnut dominated urban landscapes in the north and east for decades until an estimated four BILLION chestnut trees died as a result of chestnut blight – a specific bark fungus – between 1905 and 1940.

BUT the tree didn’t go extinct and here, where the blight is less of an issue, they are available from nurseries and even at some Walmart stores including, we’re told, the store in Henderson. Plant this year, enjoy your chestnuts in 2022 or thereabouts.


February 21 - Corey Rider, Barbara Singletary, Joe Pritchard, Robin Burton, Max Stone, Paul Autrey, Vicki Jean Polk, E.E. Simmons, Misty Johnson, Michael Khan, Jennifer Hall, Brandon Cole, Stanely Roberson, G.W. “Buster” Painter, Greg Close, Telly Medford, Betty Bennett, Dana (Taylor) Page, Jeri Harwell

February 22 - Donna Griffin, Scott Stokely, Mrs. J.L. Pollick, Beverly Nicholson, M.G. Boulware, Tammy Kinkaid, Othelia Green, Jeffrey Pennington, Lynn Currin, Steve Lovelace, Adam English, Jennifer King, Linda Williams, Deanna Anderson, Kendrick Lamar Hall, Jack McFarland, Jessie H. Warren, Shayna Ellis, Kenneth Drinning

February 23 - Lucille McCarthy, Odis Cochran, Patricia Peralez, Joel Franklin, Susan Curnutt, Ashley Nicole Taylor, Winnie Hughes, Neva Caldwell, Dottie Petty, Linda Gosswick, Richard Chase, Steve Lawrence, Nathan Lanicek, Elizabeth Tanner, Delina Brown, Ruby Dean Woolridge, Cynthia Roberts, Dylan Black, Clayton Bo Griffin


February 21 - Don and Diana Ponder, Edward and Dottie Petty, John and Wilma Jackson, Jack and Rachel Stallard, James and June Brown


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