“I like these cold, gray winter days. Days like these let you savor a bad mood.”

– Bill Watterson,

“Calvin & Hobbes”

IT was a wonderful giving season, but we hope some of the ‘sharing’ can stop: we’ve had our fill of the flu, thanks, no need to pass it on.

GET well soon, everybody.

JACKIE Carter invested almost 5,600 volunteer hours at the East Texas Oil Museum. Age eventually caught up with the former First Lady of Kilgore, and she ultimately had to give up her regular Sundays at the museum.

IT’LL be a while yet, however, before anyone breaks her record as the longest-serving docent at the oil museum – she logged about 35 years there. Back in 2014, Ms. Jackie told us she never failed to learn something new on each of her forays through the oil museum and into Kilgore’s past.

SHE died New Year’s Day at 96 years-old. We’ll miss her stories.

THANKS, in advance, to the eagle-eyed readers who will gleefully and rightly correct us when we slip in the occasional “2017” during the early days of the New Year.

YES, we look forward to the annual list of ‘banished words’ from Lake Superior State University. We don’t always agree with the language they determine was most used and abused in the prior year, but we, too, welcome the bitter end of 2017’s ‘covfefe.’

OTHER terms the Michigan school targeted for retirement after last year, take ‘em or leave ‘em: ‘unpack,’ ‘fake news,’ ‘dish’ (that’s as a verb) and, standout choice, ‘nothingburger.’

GOOD riddance.

WE’RE still stymied as we try to track down Kilgore’s newest resident: if you have a lead on our local New Year’s Baby, no matter which hospital welcomed the tot, let us know via

ONE calendar we’ll be watching even more closely in 2018: Kilgore Public Library. There was slime-making last week, salt dough Tuesday and moon crafts today – plenty to do with more to come.


January 3 – Todd King, Regina Bull, Jason Valdetero, Karol Denmon, Dottie Faulkner, Daine Jeter, Scott Clark, Robin Berry, Jason Ryan Jackson, Herbert Johnson, Amy Brown, Jerry Randolph, Olin Moore, Amon Horton, Don Fields, Katherine Blair, Leo Lowery, J.B. Davis, Lisa Wylie Carroll, Marcus Brown, Geneva Randall, Kelli Coleman, Matthew Ramirez, Sabrina Jones, Eddie Gallaway, Chris Kirbow, Lorene Lollie

January 4 – Deborah Pippen, Ron Cole, Larry Kain, Bill Gleaton, Dede Wiggins, Kathy Golden, Ronald C. Brady, Charlotte Mobbs, Lorena Randall, Lola Hierholzer, Mrs. Johnny Clements, Donna E. Gill, Eddie Webb, Scott Miles, Courtney Wilder, Rada Wilder, Ashley Hammock, Sharon Tralor, Jaci Reona Bateman, Kelly Falco, Skye Wyatt and Greg Szymarek, Johnny Enloe

January 5 – Freddie Forth, Montez B. Kain, Kyle McKinnon, Juanita Collins, Amanda Fulmer, Bethany Chisler, Darlene Warrick-McLaughlin, Dean White, Robert Risinger, Juanita Mattie Cary, Shannon Scott, Shane Sanders, Melissa Cassidy Kirbow, Dawson Elrod, DeMorrea Richardson, Tierra Colbert, Derick Oubre, Mike Northcutt, Brooke “Dawson” Elrod


January 3 - Mr. and Mrs. Tim Payne, Mr. and Mrs. Z.T. Watson Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Randolph

January 5 - Mick and Helen Burrows


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