“An optimist stays up until midnight to see the new year in. A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves.”

– Bill Vaughan

PLEASE accept a personal note as we near the end of the year:

ON the one hand, both She Who Generally Knows Best and I hope to never, ever, ever have another year like the harrowing year this one has been. SWGKB was admitted to a Tyler hospital for what was to be a minor surgery. She finally came home 30 days later, facing lengthy rehabilitation efforts from the stroke she suffered during that minor procedure.

RECOVERY has been long and, recognizing it as the “lifequake” it was, we’re still dealing with the after-shocks.

ON the other hand, though, we’ve joined the long list of Kilgoreos who can attest to the generous and caring nature of the community. Plants, food, cards, flowers, emails, text messages, Facebook posts – and personal visits and face-to-face encouragements – all offer an accurate measure of your kindness and your concern. We are more grateful than can be adequately expressed here.

IN YEARS gone by, you could dispose of your Christmas tree – the natural ones, not the artificial ones – on that vacant city property at the corner of Willow Springs and Houston streets, right there on the verge of Meadowbrook Park where you park to walk the new walking/jogging trail. We’ve not received official notification but we’re confident you can still dispose of it there.

IF you’re so “disposed,” you can take it (weekdays, during business hours while you’re supposed to be at work) to the city’s green waste collection center on Longview Street.

IT’S true news continues, holiday or otherwise, so at the newspapers we go immediately back to work once the holiday is gone. So do the bankers. Most businesses, in fact – those guided by an entrepreneurial spirit – are back at work on the day after Christmas. So, I find myself perplexed by those who were determined to make December 26th a holiday. What have we done to create a mandate for a four-day weekend?


December 27 - Dana Payne, Paul Moye Spear Jr., Michael Morris, Ken Laird, Gordon Wells, Luke Clark, Courtney Cordell Wheat, Andy Williams, Margaret Mobley, Kari Squier, Tim Small, Linda Bynum, Rose Lanicek, Jamie Ware, Sharon Fortson, Doug Odom, Wayne Archer, Jake Sime, Darlene Axberg, Summer Wyatt, Joel Hale, Elijah Owings

December 28 - Scott Cochran, Johnnie Henderson, Raven Tyiska, Tom Clements, Liz Dreadin, Bessie Ferguson, Leslie Sullivan, Christopher Sanders, Glenn Hadaway, Kim Roper, Miranda Russ, Nathan Palmer Jr., Autria Godfrey, Dylan Foxworth, Yvonne Jones, Jonathan Garcia, Katie Ann Slayter, Coby Jase Slayter, Kallie Michelle Slayter, Carmen Clayton, McKenzie Love Faye

December 29 - Kelly Caddell, Dontarius LaShion Haynes, Laura Compton, Alice Lowery, Sharon Camp, Mrs. S.C. Hadaway, Riki Watkins, Michael Tyiska, Derek Walton, Kedejah Bush, David Wingfield, Mark Logan, Justin Hargrove, Bill Maxwell, Jimi Mankins, Margie Hawkins, Jathan Watson, Lisa Herrington, Lance Staples, Lyenza Vinson, Nathan Lundgren, Bobbie Faye Norris, Curtis Harris


December 27 - Rev. and Mrs. Charles Gray, Charlie and Glynda Hale

December 28 - Willard and Kim Gore


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