“Happy, happy Christmas, that can win us back to the delusions of our childhood days, recall to the old man the pleasures of his youth, and transport the traveler back to his own fireside and quiet home!”

– Charles Dickens

YES, Monday is Christmas day.

SOMEONE out there is trying to get their house painted and they’re complaining, but…

WE’RE told we needed the rain – we have no farm or garden and this time of year the lawn has to be mowed only infrequently, so others likely needed it worse than I.

ACCORDING to Lee Layman’s rain gauge on the Rusk County side of Kilgore, we received right at 2.5 inches of rain Saturday night and into Sunday morning – the beginning of what turned into a string of wet days.

OUT at East Texas Regional Airport, the weather service recorded 2.59 inches of rain, putting us officially at 42.09 for the calendar year, 3.62 inches below average.

THEATER updates:

IT won’t fund a full restoration, but attendees at Saturday’s Christmas movie marathon in the Texan – sponsored by Reel East Texas Film Festival – donated $1133 to the restore-the-theaters fund.

(AS an aside, ’Santa Conquers the Martians’ was as bad as advertised.)

IN the wake of the film festival and the Christmas movies, supporters are stepping forward to help fix the theater's doors.

YOUR Saturday News Herald will include hundreds of letters to Santa, a tradition at community newspapers for many, many years.

IN addition, it will include Christmas cards drawn by Kilgore Intermediate School students for a couple dozen local businesses. Those Christmas cards make the Christmas issue our favorite.

OVER the course of 16 years, we’re told, Kilgore’s Relay for Life has raised about $1.3 million for American Cancer Society.


December 20 - Dianna McGlasson, Melvin Waits, John Thomas Pegues, Jennifer Lynn Reeves, Richard May, Gai Linn Bann, Michael Wilson, Veronica Morgan, Adrian Garcia, Roy Baughman, Kathy Lynn Coleman, Carol Leach, Lolita Shepherd, Mrs. Glyn Stokely, Carroll Dase, Mrs. Robert Dodson, Mike Johnson, Marily Doss, Kimberly Stone, Brent Hale, Kelly McClendon

December 21 - Harold Payne, Jackie Gillespie, Mrs. Claude Hall, Dennie Beard, Neil Comer, Mika Conner, Patricia Sprayberry, Matthew Porter, Lillie B. Smith, Emma Bell, Janelle Tidmore, Jo Ann Beall, Dony Franklin, Vernon Alexander, Donna Hale, Justin Daily, Andy Szekely

December 22 - Lindsey Sachse, Donna Smith, Laura Murphy, Steve Mobley, Windy McMillan, Loretta Ross, Leigh Andrea Hamilton, Ebony Thompson, Cathrina Swaim, Herbert Poulter, Wade Miller, Al Grush III, Lydia Wheat, Frieda Kulak, Kami Campbell, Justin Cabbiness, Jami Sullivan, Alicia Lyle, Billy Jack Vaughan, Joshua Paul Johnson, Ricky Glenn Joyner, Brandy Griffin


December 20 - Joe and Mary Cline, Dee and Kelly Zimmerman

December 21 - Margaret and Carlos Griffin

December 22 - Riley and Serena Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Knight, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Morrison


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