"EVERYBODY has a plan until they get punched in the mouth." -- Former boxing world champion Mike Tyson

I WILL BE the first to tell you that I don't believe Mike Tyson is the smartest guy in most any room he enters. He's certainly made his share of life mistakes, and we all have.

But longtime readers of this sports section probably remember that this is one of my favorite quotes, not just a favorite quote from an athlete. Tyson said that when asked once about what he would do about a particular opponent, and was told how the opponent would try and defeat Tyson.

Obviously, Tyson put on the face of bravado in his reply, and to be fair, he did win the fight convincingly, as he normally did in those days.

But the quote is wise beyond sports, and beyond Tyson's years at the time. Sometimes life does punch us in the mouth, and it's how we respond that displays our character, and resolve.

A COUPLE OF things from our local sports world to keep an eye on in upcoming weeks...

Kilgore High School softball has started district play, and baseball will do so next Friday, March 24, here at Driller Park, against Chapel Hill.

KHS tennis plays in a tournament next Friday in Longview, in continued preparation for their district tournament, also to be played in Longview on April 3-4.

The school's golfers will play in a tournament at Pine Springs Golf Course in Troup on Monday, and the track and field team will compete in the Eagle Relays in Tatum next Saturday.

I guess, though, the biggest thing on the immediate horizon is soccer. Both Kilgore High soccer teams start the postseason next week, with hopes and dreams of getting back to the state tournament. Kilgore had an incredible experience last year, with the Lady Bulldogs reaching the tournament in Georgetown for the first time ever, and with the Bulldogs making their third trip since 2010. I would love to see at least one of the programs, if not both, return to the big show and bring home its biggest prize.

ONE OTHER THING is the upcoming banquet for the Ducks Unlimited chapter at Kilgore High. The club is probably the best of its kind in the state; in fact, it's the best in the state, and among the nation's best.

It's set for Kilgore's Bodacious Barbecue restaurant on Thursday, May 11, and for anyone who's never been to a DU banquet, the fun is in watching the auction. It's kind of the main event of the banquet, and I've been the last few years. The entire thing is a great experience and tickets aren't high. It's for a great cause and you'll have some fun; that I guarantee.


March 18 - Eleanor Reddic, Anita Hunter, Mrs. W.L. Earley, Adam Keith Knight, Douglas Mount, Donna Gill, Sheila Clayton, Chris Rossum, Stella McIlveene, Logan Horne Jr., John Dustin Ammons, Joe G. Sanders, Jackson Brady Traywick, Brandon Yates

March 19 - Lauren Halbert, Camile Clark, Ruby Lee Robertson, Molly Smith, Carl Till, Karen Wade, Byron Pace, Gary Blanks, Bebe Jo Stone, Mike Joseph, Johnny Jackson, Neda Owens, Tatiana Alexis Loredo, Betty Ready

March 20 - Megan Jackson, Sarah Camp, Ginger Bullock, Richard Earl Portley, Angela Thornbrugh, Sandy Roberson, R.R. (Strawberry) Hancock, Helen Thompson, N.B. Malone, Randy Yates, Sammy Henley, W.D. Anderson, Ida Smith, Angela Wheat, Iris Williams, Dorothy Rose, Johnathan Pace, Louise Washington, Joseph Heard, Sandra Odom, Brad Griffin

March 21 - Charlotte Smith, Amy Watson, Vera Nix, David Farrar, Joe Dickerson, Jim Maxwell, Stevie Wallace, Stacey Morris, Jeremy Ferguson, Judy Morgan, Travis Crews Jr., Wendy Brock, Annece Smith, Ida Roberson, Greg Hogue, Brian Weaver, Stanley Burton, Judy Sanders, Shelly Gounah, Nikki Hamilton, Chuckie Stafford, Betty Ormes, Mumphrey McArthur, Larry Massenburge, Stacy Morris, Michael Mills


March 20 - Mr. and Mrs. David Cline

March 21 - Gary and Barbara Hassell, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Thomas Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Fonzell Jackson, Maxey and Cathy Cerliano, Robbi and Joseph Heard, Kenneth and Lisa Barnett


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