Kilgore woman indicted for sexual assault of child


A 28-year-old Kilgore woman was indicted in Harrison County last month on two charges of sexual assault of a child and a third count of abandoning or endangering a different child, one who was autistic.

Zoya Grace Rogers was booked into the Harrison County Jail July 11, facing a $25,000 bond for sexual assault for an offense from June 16. From jail records, Rogers has remained incarcerated since her arrest by the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office.

According to a Sept. 27 Grand Jury indictment out of the 71st Judicial District Court, counts one and two are tied to a June 16 incident when Rogers allegedly sexually assaulted a child younger than 17.

The third count stems from the day before: Rogers reportedly had “custody, care and control” of a different child, younger than 15, whom she ‘intentionally abandoned’ Friday, June 15.

Rogers did so “in a place under circumstances that exposed the (child) to an unreasonable risk of harm,” the grand jury determined. She was aware the boy “was autistic and left him alone and asleep at home for several hours, and the defendant did not voluntarily deliver the child to a designated emergency infant care provider…”

Each sexual assault charge is a second degree felony. Abandoning or endangering a child with intent to return is a state jail felony.


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