KC registration underway for new online classes beginning in March


It’s not too late to sign up for classes for the spring semester at Kilgore College with the addition of a block of eight-week online classes beginning March 19.

The condensed online classes are perfect for students who weren’t able to enroll at the beginning of the spring semester or for students already enrolled who would like to earn extra credits in a shortened period of time.

Students are encouraged to enroll as soon as possible to ensure class availability.

If a returning or transfer student has no developmental requirements, he/she can register online through the myKC web portal at www.kilgore.edu.

For more information call 903-983-8209 or visit www.kilgore.edu/8-week-classes.

Online classes beginning March 19:

•BCIS 1305.FW2 (Business Computer Information Systems), intructor: Ginger Dennis

•CHEM 1405.FW1 (Chemistry I), intructor: Jonathan Belew

•ENGL 1301.FW1 (English Comp. I), intructor: Stephanie Laszik

•ENGL 1302.FW1 (English Comp. II), instructor: Gus Lafosse

•ENGL 2332.FW1 (World Literature II), instructor: Lynda Brooks

•GOVT 2306.FW2 (Texas Government), instructor: Derek Hunter

•MATH 1314.FW1 (College Algebra), instructor: Brandon Walker

•PSYC 2301.FW1 (General Psych.), instructor: David Fontenot


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