KC board approves extended meal plans, new catalog


Kilgore College will be adding new meal plan options for students attending classes in the summer and fall sessions.

The additional plans include increasing Summer 2 board to $470 – a $70 hike – to add weekend meals.

“What they’ll be doing is opening up the grill in the student center to do that,” KC trustee and Investment, Finance and Audit Committee Chair Joe Carrington said.

The first extended plan for the fall semester would begin Aug. 5 and extend through the end of the semester, set up to accommodate football players and other fall-semester athletes. The price will be $1,645.

A second fall semester meal plan will begin Aug. 11 and span the entire semester at a cost of $1,580 for students.

The board unanimously approved the new meal plans, which will be used as a recruiting tool also, by an 8-0 vote with trustee Scott Andrews absent.

Also a unanimous vote, the trustees approved the student catalog for the upcoming 2017-2018 school year.

By the same vote, the board approved the distribution of receipts following the sale of playground equipment and other contents from 1009 Brook Drive, which is now for sale from the college. The facility house Kilgore College Early Childhood Center until last spring when the trustees voted to sunset the program and close the center.

The money received from the sale of the contents – $501 for the playground equipment and $1,001 for other contents – will be placed into the college’s plant fund.

The board re-adopted its tax abatement guidelines, which have not been changed. The group then approved to continue using Henry and Peters as the college’s external auditor for FY17 at a cost of $66,500.

Carrington reported few variances in the Public Funds Investment Act quarterly investment reports compared to last year, noting the college has 41 percent of its expenditures available this year compared to 42 percent available at this time last year. There were no large variances in the revenue side of the report.

In the Texas Presbyterian Foundation quarterly report, though, Carrington directed the board’s attention to the expendable funds, which showed $624,000 spent on an $80,000 budget. That variance, he said, was due to the renovation of the Applied Technology Center because it is budgeted out of the plant fund, not the general fund.

The board also approved to extend their depository contract with Austin Bank, which has been in place since 2015, for another two years to take it through the 2019 fiscal year.


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