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Wait! Just wait. The turkey for Thanksgiving has not only been stuffed but put away in the closet before the day has even arrived according to recent Facebook posts and Santa’s very early arrival in some parts of the city.

My mother would be rolling in her grave, for Christ’s sake that we didn’t give time for thanks for the bountiful harvest (even in the leanest of years) before Christmas arrived.

In Kilgore, there are plenty of places offering to fix Thanksgiving dinner for you to either pick-up or dine-in so be sure to watch for the local listings in KNH.

This takes me back to my own traditions which include trimming the Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving and making the first batch of Christmas fudge to the delight of grandkids that have helped individually wrap it and cart it off to many of their teachers and friends through the years.

IN KILGORE, the holidays are traditionally kicked off with the Derrick lighting in downtown Kilgore. This will take place from 5-8 p.m. on Thursday, November 16.

ON that same evening is the opening of KC Theater Department’s production of Greater Tuna a hilarious performance about a small town in Texas. It starts at 7:30 p.m.

Can you possibly make both? Sure you can, purchase your tickets early so there will be no waiting to get in. However, if the Derrick lighting has you spellbound, which it promises to be, Greater Tuna can be seen each evening through the remainder of the week and ending with a 2:30 p.m. matinee on Sunday, November 19.

VISITING THE SIGHTS in Kilgore and East Texas last week were Bill and Linda Kohl, Jane and Ron Bender and Sharon and Gray Hill from Missoula, Montana.

Friends of Kathe (Morgan) and Dean Miller, the couple took delight in showing them the best of East Texas starting with Kilgore.

“One couple had never been to Texas and we had such a wonderful time showing them around,” said Kathe. “How grateful we were the lights were on in the downtown area showing the beauty of Kilgore. We ate, shopped in the stores and then went to the (East Texas) Oil Museum. They were amazed. “We don’t do this in Montana they told us.”

“Our visitors arrived last Friday and we made it as full as possible even spending two days at Canton Trade Days and taking them to Caddo Lake. We made it as full of a week of East Texas that we could possibly make it.

“They live near the Bison Reserve and the men are all hunters,” Kathe explained. “They have taken Dean out with them on several occasions to the Bitterroot Mountains and River. He has ridden horseback and camped with them in those mountains and rafted on the river. It is beautiful country and we thoroughly had a good time showing off the beauty of East Texas,” she added.

“One thing we didn’t do while they were here was feed them barbecue,” she laughed. “But, Jack Ryan’s (Steakhouse) made up for it.”

The Rose Garden in Tyler was another stopping place for the visitors. The elaborate display of the Rose Queen’s coronation dresses were another source of amazement according to Kathe.

“I was told ‘we definitely don’t do this in Montana,’ she laughed. “Oh, we had such a good time.”

THE CLEMENTS’ BARN will be open this Sunday as Courtney and Jody Clements host a fall/holiday bazaar with 20 vendors setting up inside and out. The entertainment barn has been the setting of weddings, birthday parties, musicians and just about everything imaginable according to Jody’s mother, Sue.

“They even have a couple of food vendors setting up outside and cakes and cupcakes inside,” said Sue. “So, if you come directly from church there will be something to eat. The time is from noon until 5 p.m. and I really thought about asking them for their church bulletins before they could enter,” she laughed.

JEANNIE FAULKNER BARBER set the scene for Overton’s holidays with a lively talk about the writing of her first published children’s book called Santa’s Coins. It arrived from the publishers a little late for the Christmas rush last year but is on top of the list this season. She packed the conference room at the MacMillan Library and brought in visitors from Henderson, Tyler, Kilgore as well as Overton. Her talk may have begun with Santa but ended with giving the glory to God for all of her writing inspirations. This is her seventh published book.

FAMILY TRADITIONS is what the holidays are about. Let us know some of yours. In the meantime, we may be reached at or 903-984-2593.


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