Hwy. 135 cafe primed for demolition


The former site of the Wagon Wheel Cafe on Hwy. 135 is set to be demolished.

Workers removed asbestos from the building Aug. 10 to prepare it for being leveled.

Kilgore Code Enforcement Officer Justin Windham explained the process for taking down the structure, which has serious fire damage in addition to asbestos embedded in the structure.

“They’re doing asbestos remediation right now. Because this is a commercial structure, by state law we had to do an asbestos survey about a year ago. Now they’ve come out to abate and they should be done this afternoon,” Windham said.

Windham explained the code enforcement office works with two different contractors on demolition projects depending on what type of heavy equipment the project requires.

Brady Environmental Services is overseeing the project but Western Environmental Services was at the site removing asbestos on Friday.

Pedro Contreras, of Western Environmental Services, pointed through windows in the structure to his employees at work removing asbestos from the walls. The windows and doors were sealed off with plastic and tape and the main entrance was covered in warning signs. Workers could be seen through the plastic sheets wearing head-to-toe safety gear.

“We should be done in three or four hours,” Contreras said.

Once the entire structure has been abated of asbestos, the city can begin the process of taking down the old building.

“Then we can make a plan to demo this property,” Windham said.


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