Homeless no more


SPREADING GOOD NEWS is like spreading sunshine and this ray of light comes from T.J. and Thomas Call as they share what they learned at the Veteran’s Resource Center’s monthly meeting.

As far as the couple knows, “There are no more homeless veterans in Gregg County,” T. J. said. “Isn’t that wonderful?” The Calls actively work year-round helping veterans and see this as a major milestone for the county.

“We are now collecting linens, pillows, blankets, comforters, towels to help them with their homes,” T.J. added. “The linens can be dropped off at the center in Longview in the Pine Tree Community or call us.”

The couple lives in Kilgore and will pick up the items if needed. They can be reached at 903-808-1977.

PLEASE add their son, Daniel Call, in your prayers as he has recently suffered a massive heart attack and the extent of damage is yet to be determined. He is at Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

A SPECIAL WELCOME HOME goes out to Staff Sgt. Stephen Fain whose mother, Nora Fain, is one of our KNH employees. She and his father, Greg, are ecstatic at his return and trying to feed him all of his favorite foods at once. The sunshine on his Mom’s face is certainly good for all of us to see.

2017 THE YEAR OF HEALING has been declared by the Evangelism Team at St. Luke’s United Methodist Church. Recognizing many may need spiritual healing and others may need a relationship healing, the prayer net has gone back up in front of the family center. It is there for anyone who needs prayers or knows of someone who needs prayers.

Note sheets, pens and plastic ribbons can be found in the little boxes by the prayer net. Each prayer will be read by Reverend Darwood Galaway each Sunday worship service and prayers offered up.

The prayer net belongs to the community, not just the congregation, according to the evangelic team. If you have a need please add your prayer and see that God is the Ultimate Healer.

YOU CAN also join them for their Soup & Sermon as part of Lent at noon on Wednesday. Only two Wednesdays are left for the series with Father Daniel Dower from Christ the King Catholic Church speaking on March 29 and Pastor Ron Bird from First Christian Church speaking April 5.

The church is located at 401 E. Main St.

THE MENTION OF Albert’s Mexican Village has stirred conversations, with many claiming to own the recipe of the Famous Albert’s Mexican Hot Sauce. If you are one with the original recipe – calling for chili petin – then you are the fortunate ones, according to our research.

For those who asked when he closed the restaurant, it was shortly after the sale of the hot sauce recipe in 1969.

Albert’s full name is Jose Alberto Madariaga II.

In my file, I also now have a copy of the original menu where you could get a full Mexican dinner for $3.65 and a soda for 25 cents.

AND to the lady who confessed that she ended up with one of his steel platters (by accident), please bring it by the newspaper office so I may add a picture to my file.

WHEN I am gone from this earth, I bequeath my file on Albert’s Mexican Village along with the original praline recipe to Betty Baker, as promised, to remain always within her family.

ANOTHER RAY of sunlight can be found in a hand-written note from the late-Libby Hogue, found recently by her husband and brought to me. Libby, whose acquaintance before my employment at KNH, could always be counted on for a good laugh or a good prayer. She addressed the note to the “Chit Chat Queen” as she often fondly called me and in it described two doves that she was watching from her bedroom during her last days. The note was never sent, but the timing was perfect to know she is still delivering rays of sunlight through her family. Heartfelt thanks go out to the Hogue family.

May His Love and Laughter Fill Your Hearts and Your Homes. In the meantime, we can be reached at 903-984-25693 or


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