Gregg County approves ESD audit, Kilgore culvert


Gregg County Commissioners Court received “clean” audit reports for Gregg County ESD No 2 and for Gregg County.

Todd Pruitt, of Pattillo, Brown and Hill, presented the court with the county’s audit during the April 27 meeting. Charley Albert with Curtis Blakely & Co., presented Gregg County ESD No. 2 with a clean audit during its April meeting, and the court officially accepted the results during the May 8 meeting.

During the April 10 board meeting, the court approved the transfer of a 1983 International S 1724 truck – salvage for the county – to Sabine Volunteer Fire Department “as is” for use fighting fires.

“Gregg County finds that undertaking to sell said salvage truck at auction would result in no bids or in a bid price less than the County’s expense for the auction,” the transfer documents state. “Gregg County further finds that donation of said truck to the Sabine Volunteer Fire Department serves a public purpose.”

Monday morning, the court also approved the transfer of $7,000 to the Airport Fire Protection Capital Furnishings account from the non-capital furnishings and equipment account to repair the bumper turret on Fire Rescue 1 at the East Texas Regional Airport.

Without the repair, Airport Director Roy Miller said, the truck will have to be taken out of service.

In the request, he stated plainly, “Fire Rescue equipment takes precedence over mowing equipment.”

The five-person court also approved Pct. 3 Commissioner Gary Boyd’s change order for the Pct. 3 training facility. The change does not alter the cost of the building, but moves the finished floor elevation of the facility and adjust its location to line up with the sidewalk and to accommodate a wheelchair ramp.

“We would also like to request the entire building and sidewalk be shifted such that the six foot sidewalk lines up with the six foot opening at the existing porch,” the request states. “This would allow a straight line walk from building to building. In addition, we are requesting the building be shifted back 12 feet to the north such that there is 24 feet from the porch to the new building. This will allow two ADA ramps and two landings to make the sidewalk between the buildings ADA Accessible.”

Also in Precinct 3, the court agreed to provide labor, equipment and recycled asphalt product (RAP) for a culvert installed at 215 Hopkins in Kilgore.

The project is expected to cost about $2,817 with $1,995 for equipment, $729.55 for labor and $92 for material.

Other work approved by the court in Pct. 1, 3 and 4 totaled about $23,200.

The court also approved three items involving Texas Department of Transportation’s FM 2206-Harrison Road Project, which would widen Harrison Road and Highway 42 in Longview.

The first item was an interlocal agreement between the City of Longview and Gregg County. The second was an interlocal agreement between the Texas Department of Transportation and Gregg County to provide funding for the project. The third document was an agreement between TxDOT and Gregg County to contribute right-of-way funds.


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