Fire reports cleared at KMS


UPDATED, 12:21 p.m. | Students have been directed back inside Kilgore Middle School following a reported fire in the building Tuesday afternoon.

Kilgore Fire Chief Johnny Bellows confirmed the "All OK" after a fan motor kicked off a short evacuation.

Firefighters and police were dispatched to the campus about 11:40, per radio traffic, as students were evacuated and corralled outside the school.

According to an update from administrators, "we've had some smoke coming from one of our middle school campus classroom air conditioning vents. Students and staff all safely exited the campus ... Everybody safe, everybody did a great job of exiting the building (great job fire drills!)..."

Firefighters were soon addressing the situation and quickly cleared the problem. Witnesses on scene reported some smoke above the building in the midst of the incident.

Students and faculty headed back to classrooms about noon.

In a subsequent announcement from the school, "All good, all safe. All kiddos back in classrooms. Air conditioner unit began smoking and blew smoke into one middle school classroom. Thank you to the Kilgore Fire Department and Police Department for your quick response. Thank you to KMS staff and students for knowing what to do during a campus exit!"


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