Even with the result, Kilgore still had a happy ending


I had this really nice, heartwarming column ready, talking about the Kilgore-Texas High game, but also how the community came together yet again to help one of our own, Christopher Terry, better known as “Bubba T.”

Well, we got the game we thought we’d get – it was a double-overtime, 44-41 classic, really – but the good guys came up short, as Texas High scored a touchdown in the second overtime to slip past Kilgore and escape, literally, by dusting the fires of defeat off their pants.

This is one of those defeats you hate, but it’s a good teaching tool. No one goes out wanting to lose ANY game, but the Bulldogs need to prepare for a very good Carthage team coming up on Oct. 13, and the speed and talent Kilgore faced in Texas High Friday night is the closest thing the ‘Dogs will see to that defending state-champ Carthage squad.

There’s the football part, although I may revisit some of the events of this game in Wednesday’s “What’s Causin’ All This,” in Game Time Weekly.

Now, here’s the heartwarming part.

After the wave of emotions this entire community has felt this week regarding the missing “Bubba T” – sadness, frustration, hope, despair, and then thanksgiving and ultimate elation when he was found safe – it’s tough there was a Kilgore loss to end the night. But you know, we’d all already won.

Read our story in the news section for all the details, but the crux of them are these: Chris Terry, a 54-year-old Kilgore fan who is autistic, was missing Wednesday night and all day Thursday, into Friday morning, before being found in a wooded area, safe.

The love of Terry’s life is Kilgore High School football, and this community has embraced him back. With all the thousands of prayers that must have gone up during the time Terry was missing, one could almost feel not just a collective sigh of relief when he was found Friday morning, but a universal “thank you, Lord” prayer, as well.

Bubba T, you are a very, very blessed man – blessed not only to be found safe, of course, but to be loved and have the friends that you have.

“There are no strangers here,” William Butler Yeats was quoted as saying, “only friends you haven’t yet met.”

Bubba T, you really are the man.


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