Eatery sends Thursday profits to missionary in Africa


Anyone who eats at Downtown D’Lites Thursday will benefit an extension of the restaurant’s family.

Every penny of every purchase on May 4 will go to Josh Carter, whose sister, Kristen Studdard, worked at Downtown D’Lites when she and her husband lived in Kilgore.

Carter was serving as a missionary in remote area of Indonesia when he began to suffer sudden severe health problems and had to be airlifted to Singapore, a post on the Downtown D’Lites Facebook stated.

“Within three days he was unable to walk or swallow, and now he is unable to even breathe on his own,” the April 30 post continues. “He has been diagnosed with Guillain-Barré Syndrome."

According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, the disorder causes the body’s immune system to attach part of the nervous system, creating weakness that can intensify until certain muscles cannot be used at all.

Carter’s wife has learned to manipulate and stretch her husband’s extremities to keep his joints in good condition, even though Carter cannot move them himself. Carter has been communicating through eye blinks and small head movements, but Downtown D’Lites posted an update Tuesday noting Carter may have developed pneumonia due to his inability to cough.

According to Downtown D’Lites’ initial Facebook announcement about the benefit, Carter is in “very critical condition” but is receiving “excellent care in the best neurology hospital in Singapore with a very talented and qualified team of doctors.”

The medical costs continue to add up, though.

“Due to an insurance glitch, there is a need of approximately $80,000 to cover the emergency airlift and mounting medical costs,” according to the Facebook post. “Though it may be a small drop in a big bucket, Downtown D’Lites (and you!) will be helping to offset these costs by donating 100% of total sales on Thursday, May 4, to Josh’s medical bills.”


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