Dinkins DAR chapter welcomes update on Rotary Flag Project


The Samuel Paul Dinkins Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution held their March meeting on March 9 at the home of Susie Merritt.

Regent Judy Carpenter called the meeting to order and led members in the opening ritual. Chaplain Francye Phillips gave the devotional and opening prayer. Judy Carpenter led the group in the Pledge to the American and Texas flags followed by the American’s Creed.

The Flag Moment: The first time the American flag circled the world by air was from April 6 to September 28, 1924, when six United States Air Force crewmen flew around the world.

The National Defense Report was presented by Patti Cunyus: “Home of the Submarine Force”, it is located in Groton, Connecticut and is the United States Navy’s primary East Coast submarine base. In 1868, the state of Connecticut gave the Navy 112 acres of land along the Thames River in Groton where they built a Naval Station. The first diesel-powered submarine, USS E-1, was commissioned in Groton on February 14, 1912 with Lieutenant Chester A. Nimitz in command. On January 21, 1954, the first nuclear-powered submarine, USS Nautilus, was launched from Groton. Nautilus became the first vessel to transit the North Pole during a historic trip across the Arctic in 1958.

Danny Downing, Kilgore Parks and Facilities Director, gave a presentation explaining the rules and regulations regarding the Kilgore Cemetery. Danny and his crew have spent numerous hours cleaning the cemetery grounds and he is encouraging others to abide by the rules in order to maintain the beauty of the grounds. He cleared up some questions DAR members had regarding the placement of DAR emblems on headstones to honor loved ones.

Greg Murphy, Flag Captain of the Rotary Flag Program, gave a program on the history of the flag project. The flag program began in 2002, recognizing the national patriotism following 9/11 to show support for troops, veterans and in memorials to family members.

Flags are set out at individual homes, churches and businesses in the days leading up to six patriotic holidays and picked up in the days following the holidays. The price per flag is $40 per year for up to 5 flags. Discounts are given for excess of 5 flags. If you are interested in reserving flags, you may contact Gregg Murphy at 903-983-0159.

The business meeting was held.

Members in attendance: Judy Carpenter, Carole Culver, Francye Phillips, Carroll Bolton, Carolyn Martin, Patti Cunyus, Debra Albertson, Karlene Gunn, Mary Layne Douglas, Jan Wylie, Susie Merritt.

Guests present: Greg and Sandra Murphy, Danny Downing.

Hostesses were: Karlene Gunn, Mary Layne Douglas and Carolyn Martin.


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