County approves annual Sabine FD funding


In the second to last meeting of the 2017, the Gregg County Commissioners Court approved its funding agreement with the Sabine Fire Department. 

The $10,000 the volunteer fire department will receive from the county helps the firefighters protect the unincorporated areas of Gregg County near Liberty City. 

The money is paid out in four equal payments over 12 months between Oct. 1, 2017, and Sept. 30. 

As part of the agreement, the fire department agrees to perform its duties of “answering all calls for help and assistance in extinguishing fires; furnishing firefighter personnel, equipment, and supplies to fight all fires; and answering all calls and furnishing firefighting personnel, equipment, and supplies to protect persons and property which are endangered by fires in adjacent areas. 

“It is expressly understood that the County has the maximum sum of $10,000 specifically allocated to fully discharge its obligations under this agreement and it is expressly understood that in no event shall the County be obligated to pay the Fire Department more than the sum of $10,000 under the terms and provisions of the agreement,” the document states. 

Also included in the agreement is the clause stating the fire department has the right to supervise, manage, control and direct its department and firefighters, not the county. This means the county may not direct or supervise the department or its employees “in the performance of such services or as to the manner, means, or method in which the services are performed.” 

The funding is part of the Sabine Fire Department’s annual budget.


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