Cat-astrophe averted: Plumbers rescue kitten


A kitten got a new lease on life – and a free shampoo – Friday morning after it was extricated from a cast-iron pipe by a pair of local plumbers.

According to downtown building owner Jack Elder, at some point the kitten ended up in the vertical pipe via a rooftop intake, dropped two stories and was stuck there until its cries were heard.

The kitten (they’re calling him “Little Warrior” for now) was rescued by two local plumbers, Smith Plumbing’s John Smith and Dakota McCoy. The pair cracked the pipe inside the former Daiches Jewelry at 207 E. Main St. then removed a large section; Smith reached below ground level and carefully pulled the kitten free.

“He’s a survivor, is what he is,” said Jerry Blankenship, tending to the kitten with Catherine Blankenship and others at nearby Trend Setters Salon while the plumbers replaced the pipe.

With a shampoo, rinse, warm towels and a bellyful of formula, the kitten was yowling vigorously soon after.

“I think he’s got a chance now,” Jerry Blankenship said. “He’s showing a little strength.”



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