Boys will be boys


There are times you just wish you could have been a fly on the wall to watch the interaction.

Photos are floating around town of a bunch of fishermen from Kilgore and surrounding areas who took an annual trip to the Lakeview Baptist Camp in Lone Star. It seems odd that one of the first things on the agenda was to take a photo of three men sitting in lawn chairs outside the cabin making sign language depicting the three monkeys well known for hear-no-evil, see-no-evil and hear-no-evil. To give you a hint of how the rest of the weekend went those monkeys were Ronnie Hobbs, Reo Calendar and James Campbell.

The other photos bring in controversy on who actually caught the biggest bass. It looked like Rick Murphy was the winner, but we have James in the background claiming “someone” was standing too close to the camera and not holding the fish in the same direction for the photo to have been taken correctly.

“I only caught one little bitty fish the whole time I was there,” said Reo. “I was in the boat with Don Hedrick when I did that and was fishing in the same spot. He was pulling them out like crazy, and I only got one. But, I had a great time.”

Reo had been absent from any trips with the guys over the past several years having dedicated his time as caregiver to his mother-in-law Irene Reed, who died last year.

“I caught the smallest bass in the history of my fishing during this trip,” laughed Don Hedrick. “I had to work and actually just got in a half of a day of fishing. I did catch a ton of crappy – well, 15 actually.

“We always have a good time no matter what,” said James. “We eat well, fish, play games and just have an all-around good time. We played 42, and Reo partnered with me. We lost only one game the entire weekend. Oh, yeah, somebody in this trip pulled a prank on Ronnie Hobbs regarding his vanilla malts and we learned never to send Wayne Briggs off for sweet tea. He brought back black tea that was so bad it made you want to gag.”

Well, so much for the monkey photos. Nine men were counted on this trip, but who knows for sure.

CHARLIE WHITESIDE has been found! He arrived at the office wielding a copy of the newspaper where said person questioned his absence from the Morning Brew hosted by the Kilgore Police Department. He was so surprised he actually penned his thoughts on official looking stationary and the look on his face was priceless.

“I never thought anybody would question me not being there,” laughed Charlie. “To set the record straight, I was at a church camp in the Texas hill country, not deliberately hiding from the police. I consider Chief Hunter, Asst. Chief Roberson and Lt. Tony Stone as good friends.

“On second thought, maybe my freedom is in jeopardy. I recently erected a blue-bird house on Barton Street without getting a building permit. Furthermore, this structure does not have fire suppression sprinklers. Might I do hard time for such a flagrant violation of city code? Should I ask for a jury trial or rely on the mercy of Judge Phillips?

“Oh well, I understand Chief Hunter’s jail has good food.”

Charlie and his wife, Jo Ann, were at Camp Buckner near Burnet.

“The trip was real good with lots of inspiration and lots of fun,” he said. This makes his fifth trip to hill country for this camp.

BOO TALK with Boo Maxwell Marshall at the McMillan Memorial Library in Overton will be held at noon Tuesday, April 9. A local author, Boo will be discussing her latest release titled “A Different Bus” which is an inspiring memoir of an adoptee’s 30-year search for her birth family.

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