Beginning to look a lot like Christmas


IT was nice to take a drive through downtown Kilgore one evening last week

and see activity on the streets. With the derrick stars brilliantly looming high overhead, the lights across the streets and store fronts guarantee

a Christmas vision not found when ordering on-line gifts.

“The shopping is better this year,” said Martha Fertitta at Main Street Flowers & Gifts. “People are getting out earlier and getting things taken care of,” she continued. “So far early gift wrapping has been busy so in general this season is better for us.”

“At Mingle and Jingle people bought small items so they wouldn’t have to carry the bigger items. Some have come back to purchase the larger items, hopefully the others will, too. We had a lot of people through that first Saturday and at least 50 to see Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus. I gave out stockings filled with candy and had to go back and make more…word traveled fast what I was doing,” she laughed. “I can just hear them say Martha is at it again…”

The stores will be open late again this Saturday for 'Christmas Cookies with Santa' from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. and it is understood that jolly ol’ St. Nick will be at 105 N. Kilgore St. reading books to the children.

YES, it is beginning to look like Christmas everywhere you go and the little bit of snow flurries helped set that scene. Enjoy downtown this season.

SOME the townspeople of Overton feel like they have already had their Christmas. It came last week in the form of the Christmas Tour of Homes hosted by the Queen Price Garden Club. The tour included the MacMillan Memorial Library that had on display forty-four pieces of art by contemporary artist, Billy Keen. Billy and his wife Linda visited and explained each photo of his Santa Art to the touring guests.

“Having this artist and his wife was absolutely wonderful,” said Doris Hoover, publicity chairperson for the club. “They were so kind to walk around and talk to everyone. His display at the library was a great contribution to our community and made all of the tour just a delight. We were so happy, happy, happy,” she added.

“Over 200 people from all over came to view Keen’s display,” said Jennifer Freeman, branch manager at MacMillan Library. “They were from Tyler, Longview and other places further away and not just locals. It was great.”

The display is currently being viewed by school children from the area.

“We had a great time while in Overton,” said Keen. “The whole community is filled with sweet people. I would like to thank the Queen Price Garden Club for inviting us. The monies from the display and the tours go for scholarships,” said Keen. “I am all about scholarships. If anyone views the display while in the area would like to contribute to their scholarship fund would please us tremendously.”

Billy Keen is a native Texan. He and his wife live in Shertz.

This morning’s devotional message was on peace, a peace beyond all understanding and what a wonderful way to start the day. The devotional message that followed was written by Kilgoreite Riley Pippin in his latest publication called Manna for the Morning. He has a few copies left from the first printing; if you need a gift that exudes peace and comfort give him a call at 903-984-2342.

May His Love and Laughter Fill Your Hearts and Your Homes Throughout the Week. We may be reached at or 903-984-2593.


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